Too important not to share

health Feb 03, 2021
The following is simply too important to not share. I share because I care, and because I care about truth. And I care about people not suffering.
And let us not forget in the Hippocratic oath which doctors take to firstly 'do no harm'.

Worrying Reports

Over the past few weeks and months I have been noticing many different reports from concerned citizens, as well as medical professionals, around the vaccine. 
Unfortunately, what I also notice is an unconscious populace who obliviously believe a vaccine is the magic bullet answer to the current pandemic. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard people say in conversation "we'll be alright once we have the vaccine"
Little do they seem to realize the potential and very real side effects of vaccines over the history of vaccines, let alone this new 'experimental' version which has not been fully trialed.
Below is a compilation of just a few of the reports and FB posts I have...
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Two Secrets to De-Stressing

In order to return to our natural, calm state, our job is to take away what is preventing that natural state. It's not about adding in - it's about taking away.
Here are a few insights on dealing with stress at a fundamental level.
What do I mean by 'at a fundamental level'?
Well, there are many layers to stress, and there are actually two types of stress; INTERNALLY induced, AND EXTERNALLY induced.

Internal Stress

Internal stress is anything we do to ourselves which has very little or nothing to do with anyone else. It has to do with our personal habits, lifestyle behaviours, daily actions, which keep us perpetually stressed, even though we keep saying we want to be calm and peaceful. In other words, we perpetuate our own stress – it is a habit which is akin to an addiction. We are unconsciously addicted to our stress.

External Stress

External stress is caused by anything ‘external’ to our body – ie environment, events and...
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Your Health, Your Body, Your Choice - Choose Wisely

health Dec 17, 2020
"If our consciousness is 'closed' we simply will not see what is right in front of our face. We unconsciously screen it out"...
There is a huge divide in healthcare right now:
  • Those who believe solely or predominantly in the conventional medical approach (doctors, medication, surgery)
  • And those who have found additional approaches (natural health, holistic solutions) to supplement the conventional approach.
In my explorations of health, I have found the underlying reason for our healthcare knowledge and choices is our unconscious belief system and level of consciousness, which are a direct result of our unconscious programming during the early years of our life, plus what we additionally learn about health as we move through life.
The problem is, the first approach (conventional medicine) is limiting. It is not the full story. It is a narrow perspective. It does not offer all the answers, despite what many people believe. 

The problem with unawareness

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5 Levels of Healthcare, Consciousness and You

health Dec 17, 2020
"Over the years, as I explored more and more different healthcare options, I came to understand that my level of consciousness automatically dictated what healthcare choices I found or used: as my awareness expanded, more healthcare choices became available to me..."
Just now on my FB feed a post appeared from a group asking the question 'would you take the vaccine'?
I noticed 99% of the responses were affirmative, citing how it must be safe because scientists and doctors have created it, and anything made by science and research must be safe and good for us.
This post reminded me how our healthcare choices are the result of our deep-seated and often unconscious beliefs.
These beliefs are instilled in us at a deep level from early childhood, as a result of our familial, cultural, social, educational, governmental, environmental and national 'conditioning'.

Soaking up like sponges

During the first few years of life we unconsciously 'soak...
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Why Being Unaware Keeps You Sick

healing Dec 16, 2020

"All healing is awareness: becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of, and then you have new choices". Gilles Marin


Often when people are looking for answers to their SYMPTOMS, they tend to focus on looking for a PHYSICAL solution to their PHYSICAL problem.

Whilst there is no doubt that physical applications can help (eg dietary change, supplements, even medication or surgery sometimes) the REALITY is that most illness does not START on a physical level, and therefore will not be SOLVED on a physical level.

Most illness has a META physical component - this means 'beyond' physical.

What does that mean? It means the ROOT CAUSES are likely to be found on a stress-mind-emotion level.

And it's essential to understand that WE HEAL A PERSON, NOT AN ILLNESS.

We heal a WHOLE PERSON'S LIFE, not a health condition.

The root causes are likely to be found as the 'DIS-EASE' you are experiencing which is manifesting as DISEASE.

Unless and until we...

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When the body knows best

Most people have been erroneously taught that symptoms are wrong, a mistake. This is not true, because the body is far too intelligent to make mistakes...

Opening Note:

This article was written in response to a Facebook post showing a photo of a person with serious foot sores after they had allegedly been part of a vaccine trial. I cannot vouch for the truth of these photos, but I can vouch for the workings of the human body, and how it works to expel toxins. Whether this photo is to do with a vaccine trial or not, it is still worth sharing the information below so that you may better understand how the body endeavours to expel a toxic threat from the body. 

The photo of the person's sores is at the bottom of this page. I have put it there because it is not a pleasant photo to look at, but if it is indeed legitimately related to having a vaccine, it's important to see.

Why the body knows best

I feel compelled to share something about the human body. About the...

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