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30 Minute 'Meet and Greet'
60 Minute Health Navigator Session
75 Minute Ignite your Potential Session
75 Minute Health Detective Session
60 Minute Adrenal Fatigue Consult & Assessment
75 Minute Emotional Healing / Clearing
3 Session Assertiveness Training Package
Signature Root Cause Analysis Package

Kiwi Health Detective Meet and Greet Session

Let's meet for an initial conversation!

30 minutes

Sometimes it's important to meet a therapist before working with them.

We may feel the need to get a sense of how safe and comfortable we feel with them, and also confirm they are the right person to help us. I know... I have seen hundreds of therapists, and I know how important this is, which is why I offer this initial 30 minute timeslot.  

If you decide to book the full Premium' 'root cause analysis' package within one month of your 'meet and greet' session, your meet and greet payment will be credited towards your root cause analysis package!

'Meet and Greet' for NZ Residents
'Meet and Greet' if you live outside New Zealand

Kiwi Health Detective Orientation / Health Navigator Session

Getting clear on your next best steps

60 minutes

Are you feeling lost, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused with how to solve your health issue? With the myriad of health options available this is not surprising, so don't beat yourself up! Having personally tried and tested over 250 therapies on my journey back to health, and trained professionally in over 20 cutting-edge modalities, I now have an innate ability to know what is right for you. If we don't choose the right tool for your problem, then it will be hard to fix it. Often, people are stabbing in the dark using the wrong tools, and this just creates more frustration and prolonged pain.

I have helped hundreds of people regain their health in the shortest time possible. I can help you find what you are looking for. Save yourself months or years of angst, and don't waste money on therapies which aren't right for you. The 'Health Navigator / Orientation' session is a laser-focused one hour consultation aimed at helping you discover and be clear on your next best steps. Let's turn that confusion into clarity and get you on the road to recovery.

Note: there are three potential objectives in a health navigator session, and it is most productive to focus on just one, which will become clear at the start of our appointment:

  1. Helping you decide which therapeutic approaches are best suited to help you solve your current health and wellbeing challenges. These therapies may or may not be offered by myself, because the main thing is to match the right therapeutic intervention to your unique set of circumstances. Where necessary I will recommend therapies I do not offer, and point you in the direction of other personally-recommended practitioners. 
  2. Helping form a plan for how I can help you with the range of tools I have at my disposal. I specialize in chronic illness recovery, emotional healing, stress management, lifestyle medicine, assertiveness training, transformation of consciousness and more. If I feel I am a right fit for your situation (which will become clear in this session) then we will make a plan for the best course of action.
  3. Simply having an ear to talk to, so that you can share what is going on for you, and find some clarity on next steps, whether that be either of the above two options.

Useful to know: If you decide to book a full 'root cause analysis' package within one month of your 'health navigator' session, your payment for the health navigator session will be credited towards your root cause analysis!

Health Navigator Session for NZ Residents
Health Navigator Session - if you live outside New Zealand

Ignite your Potential Session

Set your course for success

75 minutes

Do you feel frustrated, as if you're hitting your head against a brick wall, in your endeavours to fulfil your dreams and follow your purpose? Do you find yourself self-sabotaging, even though you've tried so hard for so long to achieve success?

Often we can have unconscious hidden barriers to realizing our goals, commonly known as an 'inner glass ceilings'. The steps to breaking through an up-until-now transparent glass ceiling are to locate and tap into your most powerful resourceful self and reveal your deepest yearnings - these are the non-negotiable steps to igniting your full potential. Without doing this we will never be able to fulfil those deepest yearnings and realize our dreams.

This session will guide you to expand your vision of what you believe is possible for yourself and your life beyond your current horizon. This is not something we can do without help and guidance, because our inner unconscious blocks will always get in the way. Without this bigger vision, you are also likely to aim way lower than what is possible, and be setting your vision from a place of reaction, scarcity, or even lack. Let's change that and ignite your full potential!

Kiwi Health Detective Session

Exploring the cause of a specific pain or symptom

75 minutes

Have you searched for months or years to solve your health issue, but no matter what you try, the symptoms just won't go away? This happened to me too, and it took me 20 years to fully piece together how to get to the root cause of symptoms. Unless we do so, it will be very difficult or even impossible to solve them. 

In this laser-focused consultation I will help you explore the underlying hidden cause of a specific symptom or diagnosed health condition (see note below). Physical and mental symptoms of illness almost always have sneaky hidden elements of stress or trauma, and this session will help you discover these missing pieces. 

How to book

Book your session below. After registration and payment, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to fill in, which will expedite and maximize our session time together.

Note: a health detective session is best suited for a particular symptom or set of symptoms eg, a sore left shoulder or a symptom in a specific part of your body. This symptom may have come on suddenly or over a period of time, but it's one symptom.

If you are experiencing multiple symptoms or a chronic long-term illness which has been going on over a longer period of time, then a full root cause analysis will be required for determining the root causes and comprehensive solutions. Please do not choose the health detective session is your condition is complex and very long-term. 

Health Detective Session for NZ Residents
Health Detective Session - if you live outside NZ

Kiwi Health Detective Adrenal Fatigue Consultation & Assessment Questionnaire

60 minutes

Whilst still unrecognized by most doctors, adrenal fatigue is a very real thing. Symptoms include: ongoing unresolvable exhaustion, brain fog, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, feeling 'wired and tired', poor concentration, mild depression, poor memory, food intolerances, PMS problems, loss of libido and many more. Exhausted adrenals affect the whole endocrine system, as well as all other major organs and organ systems in the body. 

This assessment includes a 60 minute consultation to explore the causes of your exhaustion, and recommend the way out. The session includes access to Kim's signature 'Adrenal Fatigue' self-education program where you can complete a high quality 'Adrenal Fatigue' self-assessment to help you determine if you have 'adrenal fatigue'. 

Adrenal Fatigue Consultation - for NZ Residents
Adrenal Fatigue Consultation - Outside New Zealand

EAA Emotional Regulation / Clearing

Resolving and Clearing Emotional Pain with Ease

75 minutes

Are you needing help with emotions such as sadness, grief, frustration, hurt, disappointment, anger, betrayal? Are you finding yourself stuck in depression, or overwhelmed and anxious? Is stress ruling your life? Have you had enough? Over the past 30 years I have dug deep into the world of emotions, and discovered that knowing how to heal emotional wounds and clear away clouds of negative emotions is one of THE biggest secrets to feeling good mentally, energetically and physically. In this session you will focus on a particular negative emotion you are having difficulty with. Dealing with emotions can be a lot easier and less scary than you might think! You will leave the session with a sense of relief and renewal. 

How to book

The first step in working together is always an initial orientation 'health navigator' session. Over many years of working with hundreds of clients, I have discovered an initial orientation session saves time (and money) in the long-run by first ascertaining what is needed to solve a person's problems. Once you've completed your initial 'health navigator / orientation' session, you are able to book an emotional healing session. If during the health navigator session I feel a different type of session will be more appropriate for helping you than you had originally thought, then I will recommend that! My only goal is to help you get well in the shortest time possible, spending the least amount of money possible. 

Book Orientation / Health Navigator Session

'ATMe' Assertiveness Training

3 x 75 minute sessions

Do you find it difficult to say no or express your true feelings? Do you find yourself avoiding difficult conversations, or allowing others to walk all over you? Are you having challenges with colleagues, your partner, family members, siblings, your boss? Learning to speak our truth, stand our ground, communicate our feelings honestly and create clear boundaries around unfair or inappropriate treatment takes courage. One of the biggest causes of unhappiness and illness is not being able to stand in our power because we're afraid of what people will think or do. My Signature 'Authentic Me' Technique is an easy-to-learn-and-apply paint-by-numbers exercise for taking back your power. In 3 sessions over 4 weeks you will learn how to apply and get results with this life-changing technique. (Due to the nature of this training you can book this package without an initial 'health navigator' session). 

Assertiveness Training for NZ Residents
Assertiveness Training - if you live outside New Zealand

The Kiwi Health Detective RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Protocol

For complex health problems and chronic long-term conditions

What does a detective do? They follow clues, dig deep, find the missing pieces and solve mysteries! This is what I do!

If you’ve been searching for answers to seemingly inexplicable symptoms of ill health, no matter how long you’ve been experiencing them, or how many medical practitioners or specialists have told you they don’t know what’s wrong, in just one 90 minute session* I’ll show you exactly what is causing the problem.

Even if all your tests are showing up negative but you just know something is wrong because you feel so lousy, I can help solve the mystery.

How? Because the cause of many physical symptoms is not to be found at a physical level!

My signature 'root cause analysis' is designed to help you understand the root causes of any and all of your physical / mental /emotional symptoms, no matter how long you have been experiencing them, or what they are. 

Symptoms don't happen randomly, but tracing their causes usually requires clinical expertise in the psycho-neuro-immunological causes of illness.  

The key to understanding root causes follows the premise 'you heal a person, not an illness... you heal a whole person's life, not a disease'.

I have helped hundreds of people get well from seemingly inexplicable symptoms or diseases, and the 'secret sauce' was starting with a root cause analysis. Without this they would have wasted years searching for answers.

You can read client success stories here. All these clients started their journey with a root cause consultation and then moved into a tailor-made 3-6 month coaching program.

You can read more about the signature root cause analysis here.

* Initial root cause analysis is 90 minutes, and in addition to this are health intake questionnaires, a comprehensive written report, plus a 30 minute follow up session to explain the next best steps for recovery. Total Root Cause Analysis Practitioner time: 4 hours. The RCA package also includes access to an extensive suite of online health education content - see the registration checkout page for details. 

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