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heart health Nov 19, 2022

What do the heart and healing have to do with each other?

Well, quite a lot actually.

Most people have no idea of the enormous powers within them to effect self-healing, and much of this innate ability is connected with the power of the heart.

Image: Heartmath Institute

Do you know for example that the heart's magnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than the brain's magnetic field? (1)

Have you read or heard of seemingly miraculous stories of healing from terminal illnesses, for example, 'Dying to be Me' by Anita Moorhani?

Most people have no idea of the power which lies within them, waiting to be unleashed and used.

Most people have no idea their body has (is) an in-built self-healing mechanism, which they can learn to tap into and use to self-heal all sorts of symptoms and ailments.

Why don't we know this?

Because it's not been taught in school, including even in medical school.

Most people have been brought up, in the western world, to believe they have no power to heal themselves. 

But just because we don't know differently does not mean other options do not exist. Because they do.

Many indigenous cultures have known about these in-built self-healing abilities of the body-mind, and have been tapping into them and using them for centuries.

In fact, it's predominantly the western cultures and nations who are unaware of this knowledge, and have instead been taught to turn to big pharma and conventional medicine for answers. 

But what if much of what you have learned and been taught about healing is limited, and not the complete picture?

What if there was more... MUCH more?

What if you knew you had the ability to self-heal from a multitude of illnesses which are usually deemed as incurable or untreatable without drugs or surgery?

What if YOU could take charge or your own health in much more powerful ways?

What if there was another way?

I can assure you there are other ways. 

And now more than ever it's time to start tapping into this knowledge.

It's time for people to learn that they have much more power to heal themselves than they have ever been led to believe. 

And in order to understand this, one has to first learn a few things:

For example, we need to understand that what we believe is possible as far as healing the body very much to do with our BELIEFS about health and what is possible. And often these beliefs are largely limited and unconscious (until they become conscious, because 'we are unaware of what we are unaware of' until we become aware).

And to understand that as our beliefs change, what we know as 'science' and scientifically possible changes!

In other words, what we believe can happen biologically in the body alters, as our beliefs and understanding about life are upgraded to a new level. (2)

Health and Qi

One way to start understanding HOW it is that the body can self-heal, without external interventions such as drugs or surgery, is to understand that your body is SOLIDIFIED QI.

Qi is the Chinese word for 'energy'.

In India it's called 'Prana' - life force energy.

Actually, Qi is technically more than just 'energy' :

Qi is 'energy impregnated with information'.

A scientific equation of Qi could be written as 'Energy + Information + Mass'.

Your body is solidified Qi... filled with information. 

Why is this relevant for healing?

It's relevant because energy (Qi) can transform into matter (physical body) and matter can turn into Qi. It can transform. It can, and it does. 

And this is relevant because it's the 'information' in the Qi which creates the transformation OF the Qi. (That's a topic for another blog, and best learned about in proper training - it's a big topic). 

As my first Qigong teacher used to say "All healing is transformation: you change and are never the same again".

So one of the keys to healing is TRANSFORMATION: understanding how matter can transform into energy and back into matter, and understanding what 'transformation' it is which needs to take place in order to effect the outcome of the healing. 

So it's important to understand that EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE because fundamentally, at a quantum level, everything is energy.

And here's what you probably haven't been told:

You can create this change and transformation from within with the power of your own heart and mind.

You don't necessarily need external devices to create healing and transformation.

Yes, whilst it can be useful and effective to use the latest quantum healing devices, or have people 'heal you' (3), or avail yourself of medication or surgery, the truth is the most powerful self-healing ability available lies within you, just waiting to be tapped into and made use of.

So how do we access and use these in-built self-healing abilities?

Well, we have to learn. Yes, we have to take an ACTIVE role in our healing. We have to DO something, rather than have someone or something else do something to or for us. We have to take action. And of course this requires knowledge and effort. 

At the end of the day, everything comes down to a choice, and whatever choice we make, it's fine. If we want to continue to use external solutions, we can. Sometimes it's absolutely necessary to avail ourselves of external solutions such as medication, surgery, therapeutic modalities of many different kinds. 

However, as we continue to experience the western healthcare system crumbling around us, it's good to know that there are alternatives and other solutions. It's  comforting to know that we have these self-healing powers in any situation when we don't have access to external support, such as doctors, therapists, medication etc.

Healing the Unhealable

And one more thing...

Often people can be told a condition is untreatable or unhealable.

I'd like to invite you to question whether this is really true?

If everything is energy... and energy can be transformed... if cancer tumours can disappear in seconds with Qi healing and other energy healing techniques... if there are thousands of stories of people miraculously healing themselves from all sorts of chronic health conditions... is it possible that we might be able to heal from much more than we have been led to believe we can heal from?

I say yes. I absolutely, definitively believe this is so. 

I've healed myself from all sorts of health problems which doctors told me were untreatable with drugs, and I've seen others do so too. 

I'm not saying that we can magically and miraculously immediately all know how to self-heal. It doesn't work like this, because there is learning, application and practice which has to be taken into account.

But what I am saying is that our bodies DO have much more ability to heal than we may ever have been told, and that we DO have the power and choice to learn more about this if we choose. 

Is it time to choose differently? To believe differently? Would you like another way?

If your answer is yes, I invite you to join the growing number of people in the world who are learning about the incredible self-healing powers of their body mind to keep themselves happy and healthy. 

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(1) https://www.heartmath.org/research/science-of-the-heart/energetic-communication/ 

(2) I explain more about this in the program 'The 5 levels of healthcare, consciousness and you. 

(3) Whilst we may think that 'someone else can heal us', the truth is, ALL HEALING COMES FROM WITHIN. It may help to have someone or something else help us access this outcome, but all healing happens within our own body. 



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