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What is Health?

Health is far more than the absence of illness (although this is where you might start on your journey back to health if you are currently unwell).

A human being is far more than a physical body. Complete health encompasses all 5 parts of you: mental health, emotional harmony, physical wellbeing, vibrant energy and inspired spirit. 

All these 5 facets of your being must be taken into account to experience authentic health. This is often referred to as 'totality healing', which means taking a whole person's life into account when assessing and meeting personal health needs. 

This is why in The Art of Health we follow the principle of 'healing a person, not a disease - healing a whole person's life, not an illness'.

Authentic health will take you far beyond just fixing symptoms: firstly, if you are sick, you will learn the root cause of your symptoms, which almost always go far beyond a physical cause. 

Then you will learn how to reverse symptoms without external interventions, how to prevent illness in the future, and how to maintain optimal health in the now.

In so doing you will learn how to live and experience the '4 treasures of life': health, happiness, wellbeing and inner harmony. 

When you embark on an Art of Health workshop, 1-1 coaching program or online self-help training, you can be assured that all facets of your wellbeing will be fully addressed, allowing you to experience totality wellbeing.  

Welcome to The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing.

Workplace Wellness

Healthy, happy employees and leaders are creative and productive, creating a win-win for customers and staff. Discover how the Art of Health can help you business thrive. 

Personal Wellbeing

When we are sick or unhappy, it's impossible to enjoy life, or carry out our daily tasks. The Art of Health can help you restore health and wellbeing effectively and quickly.

Restoring Health

If you need help getting rid of symptoms of chronic illness, apply to work with me on my healthcare website. 

Kim's Healthcare Website

Totality Healing

The exercises of Ren Xue Yuan Gong work on all levels of your being through mindfulness, meditation and Qigong practices.

Kim's Qigong Website

Emotional Intelligence

Solutions for everything to do with emotions including healing emotional trauma and cutting-edge EI trainings.

Emotional Health Website

Why 'The Art of Health'?

Cutting-edge solutions for your health and wellbeing

Contrary to what you may have been told - or learned growing up - you have far more power over the fate of your health and wellbeing than you may ever have imagined!

The Art of Health will show you how to harness your innate self-healing abilities, putting the control of your health and wellbeing firmly back in your hands.

Does this mean you will never need to visit a doctor or need surgery? Not necessarily! But what it will mean is that you have tangible, practical solutions and techniques for maintaining health, preventing illness, and if necessary, reversing symptoms of dis-ease, without the need for medication, supplements or external interventions. 

Why and how is this possible? Because your body is the ultimate self-healing machine, and once you learn how to 'drive your car' (so to speak) you will know how to self-manage your health and wellbeing from the inside out.

And then beyond taking care of your physical health, you also have the opportunity to evolve your brain power and emotional wellbeing beyond what you could ever have imagined!

This is true healthcare. Welcome to The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing.

Blog Posts

Recent articles and musings from the Art of Health.

Never miss a free event or online training.

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