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The Kiwi Health Detective

The Kiwi Health Detective

Hosted by: Kim Knight - Health and Personal Development Coach

Cutting-edge 21st century healthcare. Understand how it's possible to take care of your health and wellbeing from the inside out with TKM Lifestyle Medicine and more.

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Lessons in Health I Learned from a Letterbox!

Imagine this... I'm standing at the top of my driveway, with my hand stuck in my letterbox.  What did this teach me about health? A lot! Watch the full webinar by registering on this page. ...
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7 Steps to Overcoming Shame

A 7 step formula for quickly and masterfully overcoming symptoms of upset and shame when someone treats you unfairly. To download the accompanying worksheet go to: ...
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8 Secrets your Doctor may not tell You

What if what you've been told about your body isn't the complete picture? What if there are secrets to health which could save you years of wasted time, money and effort?
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10 Tips for Managing Negative Emotions

10 tips for managing emotions. These tips are secrets most people will not have told you! Very important information! [Excerpt from one of over 100 lessons on how to deal with the 7 most toxic emotions - MCT Manage...
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The #1 Secret to getting rid of negative emotions

In this episode I share the number one secret to dealing with negative feelings. Plus a few more juicy tips.  (Excerpt 'MCT Manage, Clear, Transform' Emotions program.)
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Healing Hurt in the Heart

In this episode, excerpted from the 'MCT Manage Clear Transform Emotions' series, we look at how unmet childhood emotional needs lead to us feeling hurt.  ...
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5 Causes of Anger

In this video we look at 5 core reasons the body responds with anger, and the 2 types of anger. Plus why anger is like a sweet. (Excerpt from the 'MCT Manage Clear and Transform' Emotions series which teaches students...
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Your Internal Sat Nav

Do you know you have an internal guidance system which is speaking to you all the time? Are you taking notice? Do you know how to keep yourself healthy by listening to and following your body intelligence? (excerpt...
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20 Rules of Dietary Hygiene

There is much more to 'eating healthy' than what you eat, although this is of course important. Even more important is how you eat. We need to pay attention to many more factors if we are to 'eat healthy'! Here are 20...
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Stress Sensing Exercise

A guided exercise to discover and differentiate between stress and calm inside your body. If you're serious about de-stressing, this is an essential skill to learn! Learning how to notice and become aware of internal...
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How EMF, WIFI and Geopathic Stress Cause Illness

In this video training we look at how EMF (electro-magnetic fields) and WIFI, and natural or man-made geopathic stress, affect our health, and how to mitigate the effects of electro-magnetic stress. Download the free...
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3 Reasons You (Unconsciously) Keep Yourself Sick

In this episode of the 'What If Secrets to Health' series we look at: 3 reasons you may unconsciously be keeping yourself sick (when all you want to do is get well), and how to move from doubt and fear to trusting...
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