Stress Sensing Exercise

A guided exercise to discover and differentiate between stress and calm inside your body. If you're serious about de-stressing, this is an essential skill to learn!

Learning how to notice and become aware of internal stress is one of the most fundamental necessities if you want to get rid of stress, and yet it's one of the least-known and practiced exercises for most people!


Because being stressed has become an unconscious habit, a habitual state of physical, energetic and mental ways of being.

The problem is, ongoing unresolved stress builds up to become unhappiness and sickness (because 'dis-ease' turns into 'disease'). 

Unfortunately in our society, 'what is unnatural has become natural, and what is natural has become unnatural'.

Most people have no idea their natural state is to be completely calm, relaxed and joyful inside!

In this 10 minute exercise you will be guided deep within to tune into the intelligent communication your body is always sending you through 'felt-sense sensations'.

You will learn to differentiate between stress and calm, and how to tell what your body is asking you to do through intelligent internal communication. 

Try it, and discover amazing things about yourself in just a few minutes!

This is just one of many inner energy exercises and techniques you will experience in the full 'De-Stress Your Life' program, a comprehensive training in how to eradicate stress in all areas of your life. 

I hope you enjoy this taster exercise and would love to see you in the program.



PS - if you didn't watch the free introductory series, which explains more about the program, you can catch it here


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