The Truth Hardly Anyone Is Telling You About Healing

self-healing Jun 04, 2022

“The entire subject of healing is as old as the ages themselves, and has ever been the subject of investigation and experiment. But as to the right use of the healing faculty and forces, the knowledge is in its infancy”.  Master DK

I'm noticing a common theme recently in healing circles:

There's a buzz around new healing technologies.

Just last week I heard about a 'Healing Wand'.

People are raving about 'Med Beds'.

And I just watched a video about EES 'Energy Enhancement System' healing technology.

This is all great.

The less medication we put in our bodies, which often and usually cause side-effects, the better.

The less surgery we have, which can often lead to more problems than we started with, the better.

The less iatric ('medically-induced) death we have (apparently the highest cause of death in hospitals), the better*. 

But there's a missing piece that most people are not yet aware of:

The ability of the body to self-heal without the use of any of...

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When the body knows best

Most people have been erroneously taught that symptoms are wrong, a mistake. This is not true, because the body is far too intelligent to make mistakes...

Opening Note:

This article was written in response to a Facebook post showing a photo of a person with serious foot sores after they had allegedly been part of a vaccine trial. I cannot vouch for the truth of these photos, but I can vouch for the workings of the human body, and how it works to expel toxins. Whether this photo is to do with a vaccine trial or not, it is still worth sharing the information below so that you may better understand how the body endeavours to expel a toxic threat from the body. 

The photo of the person's sores is at the bottom of this page. I have put it there because it is not a pleasant photo to look at, but if it is indeed legitimately related to having a vaccine, it's important to see.

Why the body knows best

I feel compelled to share something about the human body. About the...

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