When the body knows best

Most people have been erroneously taught that symptoms are wrong, a mistake. This is not true, because the body is far too intelligent to make mistakes...

Opening Note:

This article was written in response to a Facebook post showing a photo of a person with serious foot sores after they had allegedly been part of a vaccine trial. I cannot vouch for the truth of these photos, but I can vouch for the workings of the human body, and how it works to expel toxins. Whether this photo is to do with a vaccine trial or not, it is still worth sharing the information below so that you may better understand how the body endeavours to expel a toxic threat from the body. 

The photo of the person's sores is at the bottom of this page. I have put it there because it is not a pleasant photo to look at, but if it is indeed legitimately related to having a vaccine, it's important to see.

Why the body knows best

I feel compelled to share something about the human body. About the...

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