The Truth Hardly Anyone Is Telling You About Healing

self-healing Jun 04, 2022

“The entire subject of healing is as old as the ages themselves, and has ever been the subject of investigation and experiment. But as to the right use of the healing faculty and forces, the knowledge is in its infancy”.  Master DK

I'm noticing a common theme recently in healing circles:

There's a buzz around new healing technologies.

Just last week I heard about a 'Healing Wand'.

People are raving about 'Med Beds'.

And I just watched a video about EES 'Energy Enhancement System' healing technology.

This is all great.

The less medication we put in our bodies, which often and usually cause side-effects, the better.

The less surgery we have, which can often lead to more problems than we started with, the better.

The less iatric ('medically-induced) death we have (apparently the highest cause of death in hospitals), the better*. 

But there's a missing piece that most people are not yet aware of:

The ability of the body to self-heal without the use of any of these inventions, interventions or intrusions.

The power of the mind to instigate the natural powers of the body to self-heal.

This is the medicine I am interested in.

And it's been around for eons.

Taoist masters have known for centuries that we have the power to heal ourselves without external intervention.

Anita Moorhani shared her incredible healing story in 'Dying to be Me' on her deathbed from the final stages of cancer.

Thousands of people have recounted seemingly miraculous self-healing stories.

So why is it that we are still led to believe that the best chance of healing is something or someone doing it for us?

It's simple really.

Missing information.

So what is missing?

Understanding. A true understanding of who we are and what we are capable of.

Including a fundamental understanding that illness is the result of the inability of our higher self (True Self / Soul...) to flow through our energetic, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

And an understanding that illness is often here to teach us a lesson, that cannot necessarily be learned from having symptoms 'fixed' by some external solution.

An understanding that symptoms contain messages and meaning, and it's our job to interpret those messages so that we no longer need to re-create the symptoms, or different symptoms which are sent when the original lesson was missed.

An understanding that illness is the result of the 'breaking of the laws of health' and 'laws of life'.

There is so much to understand about healing that most of us have not been taught.

Instead we have been conditioned to fix the end-result without asking why the symptoms were there in the first place.

But symptoms are not random. They have meaning and purpose. They are here for our benefit. It's our job to understand them, to understand ourselves, and clear the roots of illness so that the body can self-heal.

Just fixing symptoms, whether through medication, surgery or innovative technology, is missing the point of the illness in the first place. 

True healing involves understanding what caused the illness, and the role that we need to play in our healing, whether we do this solely by ourselves, or with the help of a therapist or even other interventions. 

The crucial point is, we need to play a conscious role in understanding what caused the illness, and the lead role we play in our own healing. 

Until we do this, we will continue to have to rely on external interventions. These interventions may become more sophisticated as technological advances are made, but they are still interventions that we are relying on.

We must start to understand that our body has an incredible ability to self-heal. It's built to self-heal. But most of us have not been given the 'user-manual'.

We must start to TRUST our body's incredible ability to self-heal.

We must start to EDUCATE ourselves on what illness and health really are, and learn how to self-manage our body, mind, emotions, energy...

There is so much learning for humans on the topic of healing, we are still in kindergarten.

As Master DK said in 'Esoteric Healing' “The entire subject of healing is as old as the ages themselves, and has ever been the subject of investigation and experiment. But as to the right use of the healing faculty and forces, the knowledge is in its infancy”. 

May we all become wise and come to truly understand the art of healing, so that less and less we need to rely on anything else but ourselves to restore our health.

May we all learn the 'art of health and science of wellbeing'.



* iatric deaths. 


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