When the body knows best

Most people have been erroneously taught that symptoms are wrong, a mistake. This is not true, because the body is far too intelligent to make mistakes...

Opening Note:

This article was written in response to a Facebook post showing a photo of a person with serious foot sores after they had allegedly been part of a vaccine trial. I cannot vouch for the truth of these photos, but I can vouch for the workings of the human body, and how it works to expel toxins. Whether this photo is to do with a vaccine trial or not, it is still worth sharing the information below so that you may better understand how the body endeavours to expel a toxic threat from the body. 

The photo of the person's sores is at the bottom of this page. I have put it there because it is not a pleasant photo to look at, but if it is indeed legitimately related to having a vaccine, it's important to see.

Why the body knows best

I feel compelled to share something about the human body. About the incredible intelligence of the human body. Your body. 

I have spent the last 30 years studying health and wellbeing of the human body, since I was first diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 28, and then chronic fatigue syndrome at 35, and also multiple other chronic health conditions, which I was often told were either incurable, or only treatable with medication. 

I have since applied my personal learnings and thousands of hours of professional studies in clinical practice, with hundreds of clients with chronic illness, to help them regain their health without the aid of drugs or supplements. This is my passion - teaching people about the workings of their body - why it gets sick and how it can get well again.

Understanding the healing response

Now, one of the most MIS-UNDERSTOOD phenomena about the body is what is called the NATURAL HEALING RESPONSE. 

The healing response comes in many shapes and sizes, and encompasses the body’s NATURAL AND INTELLIGENT attempts (and ability) to SELF-HEAL.

The body is ALWAYS in a natural healing response mode, because it is BUILT to heal itself. This is called HOMEOSTASIS in medical jargon, but there is much more to homeostasis than the conventional medical system will generally teach you.

Getting sick is part of healing

One of the little known and little understood aspects of the healing response is how the BODY GETS SICK WHEN IT IS HEALING. In other words, SYMPTOMS ARE A SIGN OF GETTING WELL.

Most people have been erroneously taught that SYMPTOMS ARE WRONG – ARE A MISTAKE. This is not true, because the BODY IS FAR TOO INTELLIGENT TO MAKE MISTAKES.

The body is supremely intelligent. It does not make mistakes. But the human mind does.

So, for example, when someone gets the flu, this is not a mistake. It is often the body’s way of regaining balance after a period of stress, because we live in a universe of CAUSE AND EFFECT. If we have put the body under too much stress for too long, IT WILL GET SICK.

There is much more I could say about how the healing response works – volumes – but for now let’s focus on the HEALING RESPONSE OF VACCINATIONS.

The body is programmed to eliminate toxic substances which may or are causing it harm.  IT IS PROGRAMMED TO DO THIS.

Thank God. You can thank your lucky stars it does this. Because if it didn’t, you might be dead many times over (if that were possible).

As soon as the body notices toxins or FOREIGN SUBSTANCES which pose harm in the system, it will do whatever it takes to eliminate them.

The body doesn’t need to be told (by any human – you or anyone else) what is toxic or life threatening or not good for it. It knows, because it is INFINITELY INTELLIGENT, with a built-in survival system called an IMMUNE SYSTEM.

As soon as it spots a toxic substance which THREATENS its life, it will jump into action to get rid of it.

IT KNOWS. It knows what is best for it, far more than your mind does. Thank God. You really can thank God for the infinite intelligence of your body. It truly is a miracle.

Expelling toxins - a natural effect

So when the body creates boils, acne, pus, rashes, allergies, hives and the such like, you can know that this is your body’s attempt at EXPELLING TOXINS.

These toxins may be PHYSICAL and they may be EMOTIONAL, but either way they are toxins which need to be eliminated for the good and possible SURVIVAL of the organism.

When we have a ‘healing reaction’ after a vaccine, and feel as sick as a dog, this is the body’s NATURAL healing response and attempt to ELIMINATE TOXINS.

The body has no other choice but to do this, because it WILL do whatever it takes to stay alive. ANYTHING.

So if this picture is true, (I cannot vouch for this), then I would say it is the body’s natural healing response to eliminating a serious dose of toxic load. The body is speaking. Thank God. Thank your body. And if you are wise, take note, and think carefully about what you put in your body when it comes to potentially toxic ‘medical’ substances which are meant to help you.

quote with FB post: "festering sores on the soles of the feet of a friends cousin who opted in for the CV vaccine trials, she’s been unable to work". Posted 27 Nov 2020.


Author's note: I cannot vouch for the truth of whether this photo is the result of a vaccine. It was posted on Facebook with the quote "festering sores on the soles of the feet of a friends cousin who opted in for the CV vaccine trials, she’s been unable to work". It prompted me to write this blog, because what I can say for certainty is what I share in this blog comes from 30 years of personal first-hand experience of self-healing, plus thousands of hours of professional training and clinical experience with hundreds of clients.

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