Your Health, Your Body, Your Choice - Choose Wisely

health Dec 17, 2020
"If our consciousness is 'closed' we simply will not see what is right in front of our face. We unconsciously screen it out"...
There is a huge divide in healthcare right now:
  • Those who believe solely or predominantly in the conventional medical approach (doctors, medication, surgery)
  • And those who have found additional approaches (natural health, holistic solutions) to supplement the conventional approach.
In my explorations of health, I have found the underlying reason for our healthcare knowledge and choices is our unconscious belief system and level of consciousness, which are a direct result of our unconscious programming during the early years of our life, plus what we additionally learn about health as we move through life.
The problem is, the first approach (conventional medicine) is limiting. It is not the full story. It is a narrow perspective. It does not offer all the answers, despite what many people believe. 

The problem with unawareness

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5 Levels of Healthcare, Consciousness and You

health Dec 17, 2020
"Over the years, as I explored more and more different healthcare options, I came to understand that my level of consciousness automatically dictated what healthcare choices I found or used: as my awareness expanded, more healthcare choices became available to me..."
Just now on my FB feed a post appeared from a group asking the question 'would you take the vaccine'?
I noticed 99% of the responses were affirmative, citing how it must be safe because scientists and doctors have created it, and anything made by science and research must be safe and good for us.
This post reminded me how our healthcare choices are the result of our deep-seated and often unconscious beliefs.
These beliefs are instilled in us at a deep level from early childhood, as a result of our familial, cultural, social, educational, governmental, environmental and national 'conditioning'.

Soaking up like sponges

During the first few years of life we unconsciously 'soak...
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