5 Levels of Healthcare, Consciousness and You

health Dec 17, 2020
"Over the years, as I explored more and more different healthcare options, I came to understand that my level of consciousness automatically dictated what healthcare choices I found or used: as my awareness expanded, more healthcare choices became available to me..."
Just now on my FB feed a post appeared from a group asking the question 'would you take the vaccine'?
I noticed 99% of the responses were affirmative, citing how it must be safe because scientists and doctors have created it, and anything made by science and research must be safe and good for us.
This post reminded me how our healthcare choices are the result of our deep-seated and often unconscious beliefs.
These beliefs are instilled in us at a deep level from early childhood, as a result of our familial, cultural, social, educational, governmental, environmental and national 'conditioning'.

Soaking up like sponges

During the first few years of life we unconsciously 'soak up' everything we are seeing and hearing around us - it's just how the human brain and consciousness work.
But the key word here is 'unconscious' - it happens automatically and unconsciously, and then we arrive in teenagedom and adulthood with a fixed set of beliefs about life. And these beliefs include what we believe to be true about healthcare.
For example, when I grew up, I only knew that you went to a medical doctor for a health problem. The only 2 solutions I knew for a health problem or illness were:
  1. Medication
  2. Surgery

There was nothing else in my 'conscious awareness', this was my worldview, and I didn't know any other options existed. I didn't even think to question if there were other options - it just didn't come into my consciousness. And so for the first 25 years of my life, I went to a medical doctor if I had an illness... for sore throats, flus, upset stomachs, appendicitis, allergies, hayfever, hives, shingles... 

Was I glad I had my appendics out by surgery? Sure I was. Was I glad I took hayfever pills to stop the itchy eyes and nose? Sure I was. Was I glad I had my tonsils out after ongoing ear and throat infections? I really can't say.

But it wasn't until I hurt my back and was told there was nothing there could be done about it through conventional medicine that I started to look for other answers, because the pain and inconvenience was preventing me leading a normal life. I had to find another answer. Which I did, when I came across my first 'holistic' health practitioner - an osteopath. This was my introduction to natural therapies, back in the 1980's.

Since then, to cut a very long story short, I have tried over 250 natural therapies, healed myself of many so-called incurable diseases, trained in around 20 natural healthcare approaches to professional level, developed my own healing protocols, helped hundreds of clients recover from chronic illness and a lot more. 

So why am I sharing this here?

Because had I not been led on a journey of self-discovery to heal a multitude of symptoms and illnesses through so-called 'alternative' means, including overcoming clinical depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), EBV (Epstein Barr Virus), glandular fever, anxiety, chronic back problems and more, all without medication, supplements or surgery, I would never have known it was possible. I would never have known that thousands of proven, effective therapies exist beyond the mainstream medical system, and that these therapies often offer solutions which the conventional system do not. 

This is not to say that the conventional system is not useful, not at all. It is. Very useful. But it is limited. It does not have all the answers. It is part of the total solution, and in particular is excellent for acute or emergency solutions. However, for many chronic illnesses, other approaches are often more suitable. 

Consciousness and You

So what do these healthcare choices have to do with your consciousness and awareness?

It's quite simple really:

The healthcare choices you hear about or are likely to use are a direct result of your level of consciousness. 

Consciousness is a tricky subject to talk about, because it's intangible, and 'we are not aware of what we are not aware of'. Read that again: you are not aware of what you are not aware of! Which means you may not be aware of the hundreds of therapies which exist, which are here, but not yet in your range of sight, simply because your consciousness is acting like blinkers, preventing you finding them. 

So how do you become more aware, and expand your conscious awareness of 'what is' and your range of healthcare options?

That's another tough question which is difficult to answer, but one of the ways we increase our awareness is through exploration - of ourselves and of the world. 

In my search for answers to illness, and the explorative journey that took me on, the by-product of that search and growth was a shift in my consciousness. It just happened. 

And over the years, as I explored more and more different healthcare options, I came to understand that my level of consciousness automatically dictated what healthcare choices I found or used: as my awareness expanded, more healthcare choices became available to me.

And that was why I decided some years ago to create a program called the '5 levels of consciousness, healthcare and you' - a program which explains in detail how as our consciousness changes, different healthcare options become available to us, and what previously sounded 'weird or woowoo' now seem obviously useful. 

So who is this program useful for?

It's useful if you want to expand your understanding of health, and what healthcare options are available to you, and how each level of consciousness reveals new and previously hidden approaches to healing illness. 

You can register to watch the '5 Levels of consciousness, healthcare and you' program here

Be warned! You may find yourself with new and previously unseen understandings about health and your healthcare choices!  


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