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health Dec 17, 2020
"If our consciousness is 'closed' we simply will not see what is right in front of our face. We unconsciously screen it out"...
There is a huge divide in healthcare right now:
  • Those who believe solely or predominantly in the conventional medical approach (doctors, medication, surgery)
  • And those who have found additional approaches (natural health, holistic solutions) to supplement the conventional approach.
In my explorations of health, I have found the underlying reason for our healthcare knowledge and choices is our unconscious belief system and level of consciousness, which are a direct result of our unconscious programming during the early years of our life, plus what we additionally learn about health as we move through life.
The problem is, the first approach (conventional medicine) is limiting. It is not the full story. It is a narrow perspective. It does not offer all the answers, despite what many people believe. 

The problem with unawareness

The problem is that 'we are not aware of what we are not aware of'.
We only see what we currently see, and even though there may be (and are) a multitude of other healthcare options available to us, if our consciousness is 'closed' we simply will not see what is right in front of our face. We unconsciously screen it out.
This is a real issue right now with the solutions which are being promulgated by the mainstream medical system for our current world crisis.
Most people have no idea how their body works, and how it sees vaccines as a threat, because of their toxicity to the human system.
Most people have no idea that the reason they may feel as sick as a dog after a vaccine is because their body is attempting to expel the toxic load which it sees as a threat.
Most people have no idea that the body is infinitely intelligent and knows what is best for it, often beyond what any doctor may tell them. 
Most people have no idea that their body is the ultimate self-healing machine, programmed to take care of itself, with natural immune resources gleened from millennia of human evolution.
Most people simply have no idea.
Instead, with their limited understanding of health, they blindly believe what they have been taught or been told, not even questioning or knowing it could be different... not even knowing there are a plethora of other healthcare choices out there which they could be choosing and taking advantage of... healthcare options which are far safer and sometimes even more effective.
Such is our ignorance.
The good news is there are thousands of healthcare practitioners around the world who now understand a very different approach to healthcare - who understand the natural healing powers of the body-mind - who know we can do things differently.
These practitioners have been studying and training in cutting-edge therapies unknown to most of the population, and helping hundreds of thousands of clients understand these new approaches to healthcare. 
In the future, these healthcare approaches will be the norm, but right now relatively speaking they are in their infancy, not because they are that new (some have been around for thousands of years) but because the prevailing medical paradigm is so limited and restrictive. It is quite literally, in some ways, stuck in the dark ages, almost barbaric - and in some ways becoming even more so. 
If you're ready to see a new approach, then check out the getting started resources on this page and get yourself started on a new trajectory. You're unlikely to regret it, and may be eternally grateful if you do. 

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