The Bliss - and Necessity - of a Good Night's Sleep

emf sleep wifi Nov 26, 2023

As I wrote about in my very first EMF blog, it took 6 months for the effects of wifi to slowly build up inside me, and because it happened so slowly, I didn't realize what was happening, or why my mental clarity was deteriorating. 

Fresh as a Daisy

This morning I woke up feeling as fresh as a daisy, almost as if I'd morphed overnight into a new person. 

Even waking at 6.30am, after going to bed later than usual, after an unusually late night out attending an inspirational gala event for women's refuge, my mind was crisp, and energy high. 

Why, you may ask, is this of any consequence, for me, or you?

Well, as you may know, or have personally experienced, not sleeping well is the pits.

When you don't sleep well, you simply can't function as a proper human being. You turn into a quasi-zombie.

  • Your mind will be foggy
  • Energy will be low
  • You'll be less productive (or maybe completely unproductive)
  • And you'll probably be emotionally short-tempered and crabby
  • You'll...
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Breaking Down to Break Through: Navigating Collective Insanity

mass psychosis Oct 21, 2023

A couple of years ago, during a 'lockdown' event, I woke up one day and thought to myself, 'the world is in a mass hypnosis event'. 

I could feel so strongly how so many people around the world had been hypnotized by the narrative fed to them by their governments and media. I could clearly see how the world had been sent into a trance of some sort. I talked about it in some of my pink hat videos (here and here), a project where I endeavoured to share useful mind health tips during my daily lockdown walk.

That same week, Mattias Desmet brought his 'mass formation' theory to the world, and it went viral.

Last week I woke up and thought to myself, 'the world is having a collective psychotic episode' - in other words, a breakdown. It feels like the levels of insanity in events going on around the world are simply off the charts.

The one good thing about breakdowns is that they are often a precursor to breaking through...

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Building a New Healthcare System - Avoiding the Pitfalls


It's absolutely essential that the populace - that means EVERYONE - become de-programmed from the conditioned belief that the allopathic system should be the primary lead into a new medical system. It's absolutely ESSENTIAL that people understand ALL healthcare approaches have validity. It's time for natural healthcare practitioners to be taken seriously, and for allopathic and natural healthcare to merge. Kim Knight

When it comes to creating a new or better healthcare system, it’s time we addressed the elephant in the room: recognizing a better system cannot be built only by those who created, were trained by and ran / still run the current legacy system.

Obviously, most of us who have woken up these past few years, now realize that those who founded and ran the corrupted system from its inception - ie, big oil, big bankers, big pharma - are not the right people to run a successful healthcare system which puts the health and wellbeing of the...

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7 Types of Tiredness associated with Chronic Fatigue Conditions

cfs fatigue m.e. Aug 21, 2023

Originally Published 

There can be much misunderstanding and confusion over the real meaning behind symptoms of ‘chronic fatigue’, and what actually causes various kinds and types of debilitating exhaustion.

There can also be much confusion over the difference between the labels of ‘ME’ (myalgic encephalomyelitis), ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ (CFS), ‘post viral fatigue’, burnout, ‘adrenal fatigue’ and more, all conditions which leave one with the experience of overwhelming and seemingly inexplicable tiredness.

So I hope this information will go a way to explaining the differences. What I am about to share comes from 20 years of research into this topic, as a result of my own personal experience of adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and burnout, plus working with hundreds of clients since 2006 with these conditions.

Before we get into 7 of the...

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Fluoride - Is It Safe? (cont).

fluoride Aug 06, 2023

'The Engineering of Consent'.

A few key points from the video above:

Edward Bernays was known as the 'Father of Spin', a master of social engineering.

He wrote a book called 'Propaganda' which described how to control the mind of the masses - 'the mass mind'. 

He understood that to appeal to and manipulate people, you invoke emotions and fear. 

The aluminium company of America engaged him to head the campaign for the fluoridation of the water in the USA.

Before fluoride was used by dentists, it had been used for years as a poison, eg, rat poison. It is a man-made substance that eats through concrete and glass. 

It is banned in water in many countries around the world, including China, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Hungary and more. And yet in other countries like New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and USA, citizens are told it is safe. 

Do you still think fluoride is safe to put in your drinking water?


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Fluoride - Is It Safe?

fluoride Aug 05, 2023

One of the big questions of the hour is 'is fluoride safe'?

Currently in New Zealand, there is a move by councils to fluoridate drinking water.

As a result of this, there are major campaigns across the country opposing the proposals.

Recently I attended a presentation on fluoridation to find and more, and learned how fluoride is an industrial waste, the by-product of fertilizer manufacturing.

In industry, it is regarded as a HIGHLY TOXIC, with people having to wear hazmat suits to handle it, and yet... it has somehow been deemed safe to put in drinking water. Hmmm.

The only way this proposed mass fluoridation project will not go ahead is if people get off their bums, educate themselves, and say no!

My recommendation is that you INFORM YOURSELF, do your due diligence, find out for yourself, and then decide, do you think it's a good idea?

If you do think it's fine, then do nothing, it has more likelihood to go ahead. 

If you don't agree, ...

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The True(r) History of Vaccines

innoculation Jul 31, 2023

It is said that 'those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it'.

Well, today I learned some interesting and important history... about the 'invention' of innoculation... aka vaccination. 

This is certainly not the history I was told or taught growing up. And I don't think it's what most people will have been taught either.

Most of us, I believe, have grown up thinking and being told that vaccination is the solution to preventing major diseases, such as polio, small pox, and more recently flu and Covid.

However, as you watch the newly released documentary 'Dissolving the Vaccine Illusion', (free to watch for a short time only in the 'EOC' series), your understanding of this topic will likely be forever changed. 

I need to watch and re-watch this documentary a few times more to fully take on board the staggering statistics and details it reveals, (and this blog will be updated as I do), but for now, upon watching the first half, here are a...

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What Really Causes the Flu?

flu virus Jul 18, 2023

For years (decades) we have been told (conditioned to think and believe 'this is how it is') that we catch the flu (and more recently ‘Covid’) predominantly due to a VIRUS entering our system and causing havoc (ie symptoms).

Apparently it is the effects of a (so-called) virus which produces symptoms ie, fever, runny nose, sore throat, exhaustion etc.

But what if this isn't true?

What if viruses do not actually exist?

What if viruses have never been proven to exist?

'Sacre bleu' I hear you say! This cannot be possible!

'This is just how it is! Viruses exist! They just do!

But are you aware of the more recent 'Terrain Theory'?

Are you aware, for example, of the many experiments* which have been carried out, endeavouring to infect healthy people with sick people's viruses, to make the healthy people 'catch the virus' and get sick, and yet the healthy people didn't get sick?

Are you aware that the so-called 'Covid' virus has never, ever been 'isolated', ie,...

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What If Viruses Don't Exist?

virus Jul 15, 2023

Do viruses exist?

Most people wouldn't even bother to ask the question: they simply 'take it as read' that they do. Because, after all, we've been told and educated that they do... by science... by doctors... for decades... for at least over a century now. 

So what would you think if someone told you that viruses may not... or even do not... exist?

What would you say? 

Would you immediately think whoever is saying this must be mad? stupid? crazy?

Or would you take the time to listen to the arguments which are currently being made by a group of doctors and scientists, saying that viruses have never been proven to exist.

The only constant is change

It's important to remember that new information about life comes to light all the time, overturning previous knowledge.

For example, most people in 'first world' countries have been brought up to think that medication or surgery are the answer for illness, without asking why the symptoms are there in the first...

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Productive vs Non-Productive Thoughts

mental health Jun 25, 2023

Constructive vs 'Destructive' Thoughts

What is 'constructive' or 'destructive' thinking?

Simply put, it's the difference between the effects and outcomes our thoughts have on ourselves, others, situations, and our environment. 

'Constructive' thoughts produce beneficial effects, whilst 'destructive' thoughts produce the opposite effect.

And from a standpoint of 'peace of mind', our thoughts will either lead to greater or lesser peace.

It's important to understand the nature and power of thoughts if we want to be happy and healthy.

So the question is, what types of thoughts are you regularly producing and repeating in your mind?

Thoughts are Real

Thoughts are powerful. And they are real.

On unseen 'meta-physical' levels of existence, 'thought forms' are 'form' - but not usually seen on physical-plane reality.

For example, a woman having a near-death experience recounted (afterwards) how she could SEE her thoughts as 'clouds of energy' around her: every time...

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