What if you were rewarded to live healthily? Here’s how …

Healthcare and managing your chronic diseases are expensive.

In part because we incentivize quantity (more services mean higher profits).

But we are mopping up the floor, instead of resolving the root-causes.

This has to change …

>> What if we incentivize value, quality, and prevention?

>> What if we reward doctors for helping patients reduce chronic symptoms?

>> What if YOU are rewarded for improving your lifestyle habits?

>> What if EVERYONE has affordable access to a certified health coach?


No, it’s absolutely possible and happening right now.

My colleague Johannes R. Fisslinger, the host of the upcoming 2022 Lifestyle Medicine Summit, is making his new book “HealthiWealthi™ Solutions” exclusively available for our community (no charge!).

 Imagine how it would feel to be “paid” and rewarded for living healthier, happier, longer, and richer? 

Read this book. 

It's an eye-opening and...

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Enough is enough. Healthcare needs to change. This is how!


Let's be honest for a moment:

Doctors are frustrated with bureaucracy, spending too much time managing the business, dealing with insurance companies, and therefore having only a few minutes with their patients. This frustration also puts them at high risk for burnout which can lead to medical errors, mental health issues, or even suicide.

Patients are suffering from an array of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, pain, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, and depression. They are equally frustrated because they often find themselves spending more and more time managing their diseases that never seems to end.

Everyone knows that healthcare needs to change. 

Why is this relevant and important for you and your family?

Realizing IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY opens the door to new possibilities. The possibility for doctors to feel fulfilled at work. The possibility that patients can enjoy excellent health. 

Here’s the secret. . . Lifestyle Medicine

If our poor lifestyle...

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Miracle Habits for Health

#miraclehabitssummit Oct 01, 2022

As a health professional, I get how hard it can be to build and maintain healthy habits without sacrificing the daily commitments to the people you love (and yourself).

Every day I wake up and commit to taking care of myself in better ways (right food, good exercise, rest, meditation...) - some days I succeed, and some days I fall short. And then I wake up the next day and re-commit again.

It's interesting how we know what it is we need to do to keep ourselves well, and yet we don't do it!

Can you relate?

Why is it so hard?

Why is it we don't do what we know we need to do?!

Do you find yourself slouching on the couch watching Netflix when you know it would be healthier to out for a walk?

Why is it we choose the burger and fries or ice cream sundae at the restaurant rather than the salad?

Why is it we go to bed at midnight when we know we really should be snuggled up by 9pm?

Xaye Faith and Devann Edwards told me they were hosting an interview series all around this topic, which...

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6 Recommended Health & Wellbeing Events

Here is the line-up of free online health events to choose from over the next few weeks. Scroll down and click on an image / link to register:


The Miracle Health Habits Summit

22 Sept - 12 Oct 2022

Upgrade your daily rituals and habits to create optimal health. Register here


Thyroid Health Webinar

29 September 2022

How to get your thyroid back on track again with your personalized roadmap to thyroid health.

Read more on this page and register


The Collective Trauma Summit

28 Sept - 6 October 2022

 Thomas Hübl hosts 50+ experts on the topic of collective trauma including leading trauma psychologists, neuroscientists, Indigenous elders, journalists, founders and executives, poets, artists, activists, NYT Bestselling authors, and more. Over the course of this 9-day global event, we will look at different aspects of trauma including individual, ancestral, and collective trauma, and how they are interconnected. Explore the potential for...

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Healing for Hashimotos?

thyroid Sep 19, 2022

When it comes to hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Most people go to the doctor and are put on medication.

Whilst this helps manage symptoms of fatigue, brain fog etc, it doesn't get to the cause... and I'm all about getting to the root cause, because when we do, we solve our problem for good.

Often in the 'conventional' healthcare system, when we ask for more insight or information into this problem we hear things like...

“You are already on medication so you are doing everything you can, there is nothing else you can do to improve your thyroid.”

“Thyroid antibodies don’t do anything; they just sit there.”

“Your TSH is fine so we don’t need to do anything further.”

“Your levels are perfect so what you are feeling must be in your head, perhaps you are just depressed.”

“You have Hashimoto’s but your levels are fine so don’t worry. We don’t...

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The Truth Hardly Anyone Is Telling You About Healing

self-healing Jun 04, 2022

“The entire subject of healing is as old as the ages themselves, and has ever been the subject of investigation and experiment. But as to the right use of the healing faculty and forces, the knowledge is in its infancy”.  Master DK

I'm noticing a common theme recently in healing circles:

There's a buzz around new healing technologies.

Just last week I heard about a 'Healing Wand'.

People are raving about 'Med Beds'.

And I just watched a video about EES 'Energy Enhancement System' healing technology.

This is all great.

The less medication we put in our bodies, which often and usually cause side-effects, the better.

The less surgery we have, which can often lead to more problems than we started with, the better.

The less iatric ('medically-induced) death we have (apparently the highest cause of death in hospitals), the better*. 

But there's a missing piece that most people are not yet aware of:

The ability of the body to self-heal without the use of any of...

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The Art of Dying Well

dying May 08, 2022

How to make the ending of life a calm and graceful event for you and your loved ones

Whilst most of my content and teachings are focused on 'The Art of Health & Science of Wellbeing', we all have to recognize and come to terms with the fact that death is an unavoidable part of life. As I move into my 'golden years' this fact is becoming more and more real. 

It is said that at birth and at death, the boundaries between the worlds dissolve, and sacred pathways open up between dimensions. A holy transition takes place.

It is said that death is only the end of this life in this dimension. We release our physicality and transform into a being of subtle energies and light.

Profound questions find their answers...

Is there a God? What’s really on the other side? Are those who’ve gone before waiting for me? 

Yet most of us spend our lives avoiding thoughts about our own and others’ departures.

We associate death with suffering and loss, pain and crisis,...

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A Better Way

a better way Apr 23, 2022

What does a better way of health look like for you?

A ground-breaking conference in May 2022.

This solutions-focused event brings together leaders from around the world for three exciting days of learning, exploring, creating and collaborating.

Join us as we travel the path together toward a healthy new paradigm rooted in freedom, empowerment, education, and integrity.



Speaker Line Up

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Maajid Nawaz, Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Neil Oliver, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Del Bigtree, Reiner Fuellmich, Bret Weinstein, Dr. John Campbell, Dr. Rob Verkerk

Lee Wai Ching, Dr. Gilberta St Rose, Dan Astin-Gregory, Dr. Jackie Stone, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Flavio Cadegiani, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, Dr. Jessica Rose, Dr. Paul Alexander, Kim Witczak, Dr. Xavier Azelbert, Dr. Stephan Becker, Dr. Richard Urso, Avital Livny

Prof Dolores Cahill, Bongani Luthuli, Philip Hyland, Dr. Christian...

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When Is Safe Safe?

medical Apr 19, 2022

2018 - and still as relevant today.

'What you don't know, can hurt you'.


From Academy Award® nominated filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground) comes a groundbreaking investigation into the crimes of Big Medical.

America has the most technologically-advanced health care system in the world, yet medical interventions have become the third leading cause of death, and the overwhelming majority of high-risk implanted devices never require a single clinical trial.


I have to admit I was pretty shocked when I watched this film, and my heart broke for the pain so many thousands of people have endured.
This film is essential viewing for:
• Anyone who has had or is considering a mesh implant in the abdomen to keep prolapsing organs in place
• Anyone who has had or is considering having a birth control device implanted into their womb
• Anyone who has had or is considering having a hip replacement
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Resolving Polarity and Duality

freedom Apr 15, 2022

Humans are 'run' by 'patterns of consciousness'.

We all are, until we set ourselves free from them, which takes much work.

It is not until our 'True Self' is manifesting fully (aka we are 'enlightened' or 'self-realized') that our patterns are no longer 'ruling the roost' of our consciousness.

Patterns of consciousness are what create life problems (individually and collectively) because we behave, and feel, and think, and act THROUGH our unconscious patterns, which are deeply embedded in us.

These problems will be our own life problems, and the collective problems of humanity.

The patterns which trip us up include: greed, negativity, pessimism, selfishness, fixed expectations, suspicion, competitiveness, comparison, self-centredness, POLARITY, and more.

INTERNALLY the pattern of 'polarity' manifests as inner conflict: feeling good one day, and bad the next... feeling capable and incapable... fearful and courageous... right and wrong... the list is inexhaustable. When we have inner...

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