Root Cause Analysis 

 Getting to the root cause of problems and clearing them for good.

Signature Root Cause Analysis

Do you know you already have everything you need inside to reverse symptoms of chronic pain, fatigue, stress and more?

I’m going to let you in on two secrets:

  1. Your body is far too intelligent to make mistakes and illness has a meaning and purpose – if you know how to decipher the clues.
  2. The keys to changing everything from your happiness to physical health can be found in what happened to you in the past and how that has inadvertently created your ‘now’.

Yes, it’s true! All those years you’ve spent trying to find solutions for seemingly inexplicable symptoms may not have worked because you may have been looking in the wrong direction for answers!

That’s where I can help. I like to call myself the Kiwi Health Detective because we get to the root of the problem in record time. It’s taken me over 20 years to refine this process and after having used it hundreds of times, it works every time. 

Here are some clues to look for if you find yourself experiencing inexplicable symptoms of illness or unhappiness:

Thinking about your childhood do any of these resonate or ring true?

  • You had a difficult or stressful childhood, with lots of emotional trauma
  • You were bullied, mistreated, neglected, shamed or ignored, either at home or school?
  • You felt afraid or uncomfortable around one or more of your parents or siblings?
  • You moved around a lot, often changing schools, towns or even countries?
  • Home was not the ‘safe’ environment you wanted it to be and you were always ‘walking on eggshells’
  • You felt ‘different’ from others, more sensitive, and often felt that friends or family didn’t understand you?

Thinking about your life as a teenager, adult or now, do any of these resonate or ring true?

  • You often put yourself down, beat yourself up or expect perfection from yourself?
  • You always push yourself too hard and find most of the time you’re exhausted
  • You have a hard time believing in yourself or feeling ‘good enough’
  • You often seek the approval of others and constantly compare yourself in a negative light
  • You often worry about your circumstances and expect the worst possible outcome
  • You don’t take time to care for yourself because you’re too busy and often put everyone else first?

If any of the above sound like you, then we should talk.

I know how it feels to experience symptoms that aren’t easily explained or remedied, where no-one seems to be able to tell you what is wrong. I also understand what it’s like to experience ongoing struggle and unhappiness, where it seems life will never get better, in fact everything feels pretty hopeless and you wonder some days if you can go on at all. I know this because I was there myself.

I had to learn the methods that I use with clients to first take care of myself, and spent years exploring new ideas and cutting edge therapies which I now use to help people through my unique coaching programs.

It’s my life’s mission to help you resolve your unhappiness or health issues by helping you rediscover your authentic worth, so you can experience optimum health and happiness and live your life to the full.

How to know if this is the next right step?

There is more to health than simply the absence of illness.

Do you never feel 100%?
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing helps?
Do you want a holistic solution that addresses the cause rather than just skimming over the symptoms?

Then the KHD Root Cause Analysis may be for you.

My signature approach may work for you if:

• You are constantly sick or in pain
• Regularly you feel overwhelmed, stressed or unable to cope
• You are exhausted and feel burned out or stuck
• You have tried every conventional treatment and nothing has helped
• Other people walk all over you, leaving you feeling helpless, frustrated and powerless
• You have been diagnosed with a debilitating fatigue or pain condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, PVFS, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS or any other chronic illness
• You are always tired, and never seem to sleep well
• You suffer from anxiety or depression
• Your health issues are affecting your relationship, your career and your finances

Making the Invisible Visible

Everyone has had struggles in their lives. Our past directly influences our future and if your past has had trauma, it can create future unhappiness. The mind, emotions and health are inextricably linked. Resolving the stress-emotional-trauma causes resolves the physical end-result.

I've developed a pioneering approach to identifying the cause of symptoms which can be conducted remotely online.

It quickly and accurately untangles the factors that contribute to your health or happiness issues. Just like the branches and leaves on a tree will die or wither if there is root damage, the symptoms of an illness will go away if you address the root cause. I focus on the person, not the illness because 'we heal people, not symptoms'.

What do you want from life?

Are you being held back from having a happy fulfilled life by constant health problems?
Do you want to feel whole again, to be able to move forward in life, breaking any negative cycles?
Do you want to take control of your health and life?

Using a wide spectrum of tools developed from years of research and training, we work together to:

• Fill in the blanks and understanding the missing pieces in your life
• Understand how events in your life have contributed to your current unhappiness and illness
• Find the absolute root cause of your symptoms
• Discern what needs to happen to turn your life around
• Cultivate renewed hope that there is a solution and a way forward.

Know that you CAN have fullness of life free from mental, emotional, or physical pain.

Finding the cause of your symptoms can be a huge relief and is the first step to freedom from mental, emotional or physical pain or fatigue.

The KHD Root Cause Analysis also allows you to experience my coaching style. This means we can effectively develop a personalised plan. These solutions and techniques will lead you back to health and happiness.

Root Cause Analysis

Making the Invisible Visible

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is the art of identifying the absolute root causes of illness, and so that we can subsequently pull those roots out to clear the problem at its core.

Just like when you pull a weed out in your garden, if you don't pull out all the roots, the plant can regrow. It's the same for illness: if we don't resolve the causes of symptoms, we are not effecting complete healing. The consequence of not dealing with the root causes is that we can spend many years and thousands of dollars in ineffective treatments, which is just a waste of time and money... and our precious life. 

How was KHD 'Root Cause Analysis' developed?

For over 20 years I searched and searched to understand the cause of the symptoms I was experiencing: chronic fatigue... depression... anxiety... back problems... chronic recurring UTIs... asthma... it was a long list.

It didn't seem to matter how many therapies I tried or therapists I saw, I couldn't get to the bottom of my symptoms. 

Then one day I had a turning point, and I understood the enormous role emotions and past trauma play in the creation of physical symptoms. That was the first major step in understanding the root cause.

As I explored this topic in depth over a period of time, I started putting the pieces of the health puzzle together: stress... emotions... trauma... childhood events... significant life events... unexpected shocks... difficult people... everything came together, and I was finally able to get myself well.

As I looked back, I could see there was a much quicker way to get to the end goal, which would have short-cut the process massively if I had known. As they say, the wisdom of hindsight... 

So I was never specifically taught the comprehensive root cause analysis which I now use with clients - I learned and developed it through a combination of:

  • the very long 'trial and error' journey of my own healing, where it would be 'two steps forward, one step back', and having to constantly ask myself and work out 'why am I still ill? what is it still need to do to get well?'
  • putting together many puzzle pieces from a multitude of different therapies I either experienced as a client or trained is as a practitioner
  • working in clinic with hundreds of clients and observing the 'common denominator' themes in illness
  • thousands of hours of professional training in many different cutting-edge therapies which focus on getting to the root cause of symptoms

Finally, after 20 years of exploration, research, training and personal application, when I opened my clinic in 2006 I could say I was starting to get a grip on what really causes illness, and what one needs to do to heal. It took a further 15 years of clinical practice, working with hundreds of chronically sick clients, plus further professional training and personal implementation, to further develop and consolidate this knowledge.

Since then I have developed my signature 'KHD root cause analysis' protocol, a comprehensive proven, tried-and-tested methodology for identifying the root causes of chronic illness in just one deep-dive session. 

My Guarantee

Over 18 years I have completed hundreds of root cause analysis consultations, and continue to refine and improve the process.

As a health practitioner, it's impossible to guarantee outcomes for a client, because healing happens from within the client, and no person has control over what happens in another person's body.

However, the root cause analysis is different, because its goal is to identify the root causes of the problem, not to solve the problem (which comes later in sessions after the root cause analysis). 

In my experience of running RCA sessions, I have not yet run one consultation (yet) where the root causes of the problem have not been identified. In other words - so far - the goal of this very comprehensive session (to identify the root cause(s) of mental and physical illness) has been achieved. In every single case. 

This is an extraordinary achievement, and is the result of 30 years of deep exploration and training in understanding the nature of health and illness, including learning and applying for myself, and working with hundreds of clients.

I am always open to meeting a client where we are unable to find the cause of their problems, but it hasn't happened... yet. 

For this reason, I am happy to offer a money-back guarantee on the root cause analysis consultation: if in the root cause analysis consultation the core root causes of your symptoms are not identified, you will receive a refund for the fee which pertains to the consultation. 

Note: the refund applies to the time spent in the root cause consultation itself, and excludes practitioner preparation time and administration fees. 

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How can you experience root cause analysis?

There are two ways to experience my signature TKM root cause analysis protocol:

  1. As a client through the signature root cause analysis session, if you are looking for help to resolve complex physical symptoms / illness
  2. As a health practitioner (doctor, nurse, natural therapist) through the practitioner training, if you are looking to help clients uncover the root cause of their symptoms. 

I'm passionate about helping people understand the real reasons they are ill, and then showing them how to instigate their own self-healing powers. The body is a magnficiant self-healing machine, if we know how to find and use our own user-manual! 

The medicine of the future is where the patient becomes their own doctor. This is what I am passionate about helping people to learn and implement. 

Next Steps

For clients

If you are a client looking for help with a particular physical illness, please check out the options for working together on the session overview and booking page.

You can also read client success stories and read more about my training background. 

I also recommend watching the free program 'What If Secrets to Health' which explains more about root cause analysis. 

For practitioners

If you are a health practitioner interested in training in my root cause analysis protocol, please contact me from this page of my website. 

I also recommend watching the free program 'What If Secrets to Health' which explains more about root cause analysis. Whilst this program was originally created with clients in mind, many health professionals have found it useful. 

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