The unspoken truth about healthcare - Robert Pearl MD speaks out

The unspoken, shocking truth about healthcare - a LIVE interview with Robert Pearl MD:

When the former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group (managing 10,000 physicians, 38,000 staff with 5 million Kaiser Permanente members over 20 years) takes a stand like this, it might pay to listen. 

Our healthcare system is in chaos, disintegrating and crumbling, because it's time for something new... and better. 

  • Patients are getting sicker and going bankrupt from medical bills.
  • Doctors are burning out and making dangerous mistakes.
  • Business as usual with global healthcare systems ranking not much better.

Dr. Robert Pearl will kick-off the Lifestyle Medicine Summit Oct. 27-31, 2021, a global non-profit live streaming event & movement to make Lifestyle Medicine accessible to everyone.

It's a must-watch for health professionals and health lovers alike.

Dr. Pearl will put his finger where it hurts.

He’ll address the challenges in healthcare but more important he's...

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Why A New Healthcare System Is On Its Way

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One of the things we are seeing in the Western healthcare system right now, all around the world, is a crumbling of the old to make way for the new.
When things 'break down' it can feel bad, but at some point it is actually a necessary part of change, in order for something newer and better to be built.
This change happens in all areas of life because 'the only constant is change'. We are always growing and improving ourselves (hopefully) as a human race.

Why Now?

The healthcare system HAS to change because it's old (current) way of dealing with things is predominantly to have people believe that getting ill is normal, and that the solution is to manage / get rid of symptoms using (predominantly) medication or surgery.
This approach is called the 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff'...
... where a solution is usually only applied to the problem AFTER it has occurred, and...
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