Building a New Healthcare System - Avoiding the Pitfalls


It's absolutely essential that the populace - that means EVERYONE - become de-programmed from the conditioned belief that the allopathic system should be the primary lead into a new medical system. It's absolutely ESSENTIAL that people understand ALL healthcare approaches have validity. It's time for natural healthcare practitioners to be taken seriously, and for allopathic and natural healthcare to merge. Kim Knight

When it comes to creating a new or better healthcare system, it’s time we addressed the elephant in the room: recognizing a better system cannot be built only by those who created, were trained by and ran / still run the current legacy system.

Obviously, most of us who have woken up these past few years, now realize that those who founded and ran the corrupted system from its inception - ie, big oil, big bankers, big pharma - are not the right people to run a successful healthcare system which puts the health and wellbeing of the...

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