Building a New Healthcare System - Avoiding the Pitfalls


It's absolutely essential that the populace - that means EVERYONE - become de-programmed from the conditioned belief that the allopathic system should be the primary lead into a new medical system. It's absolutely ESSENTIAL that people understand ALL healthcare approaches have validity. It's time for natural healthcare practitioners to be taken seriously, and for allopathic and natural healthcare to merge. Kim Knight

When it comes to creating a new or better healthcare system, it’s time we addressed the elephant in the room: recognizing a better system cannot be built only by those who created, were trained by and ran / still run the current legacy system.

Obviously, most of us who have woken up these past few years, now realize that those who founded and ran the corrupted system from its inception - ie, big oil, big bankers, big pharma - are not the right people to run a successful healthcare system which puts the health and wellbeing of the people first. This was never their goal to start with, and the proof of this is now clear to see. Having researched the history of medicine in some depth these past few years, my eyes have been opened to the true scale of deception and lies which up until now have mostly been hidden from public view (see references below for more information on this vast topic).

So whilst a growing number of doctors have stepped outside the allopathic system over the past 3 years, having 'seen the light' and understood the afore-mentioned corruption, what is most concerning to me as a natural health practitioner - who has spent three decades exploring, learning and applying cutting-edge healthcare solutions which sit outside the predominantly-accepted system of allopathic healthcare - is the following:

Without realizing it, ALL of us, with very few exceptions - public and practitioners alike - have been unwittingly programmed and brought up to believe allopathic medicine (doctors etc) should be the main mode of healthcare.

And even though we want to create a new and better system of healthcare, it seems most people are still looking predominantly to this legacy system to create a new and improved system. 

Now, I realize these seem like quite strong, almost blasphemous words. But they are not meant in any way to denegrate all the kind, caring, skilled conventionally-medically-trained professionals. I am simply trying to point out that the time is over for side-lining and dismissing the myriad of natural healthcare approaches which exist in the world today, some of which have been around for centuries longer than allopathic medicine.

The True History of Medicine

It is no surprise we the population at large have come to view 'doctors' as the authority in healthcare. It has been the prevailing paradigm in western society for decades. And there is a deep and sinister agenda behind why this has come to be, which most people are oblivious to. 

If you study the true history of medicine, you will understand how for example since 1910, when the Flexnor Report was commissioned in America, which instigated the closing down of many natural health institutions, natural health practitioners have been purposefully maligned and slandered as inauthentic... woowoo... witches... snake-oil salesmen. Natural health has been purposefully side-lined, and as a result 'Big Medicine' has come to run the show. 

Funnily enough, when you learn how modern medicine began (see 'The history of Big Oil' video below), you will see that those who set up big pharma were quite literally the original snake-oil salesmen! Do you know, for example, that chemotherapy was originally the by-product of petroleum production? If you take the time to do your research, as I've done these past few years, you will come to see the deeper story and history of how allopathic medicine came into being. It's a riveting and shocking story. 

Snubbing Natural Health Practitioners

I understand from first-hand experience what it's like to be dismissed as 'less than' as a natural health practitioner. For decades now most of us have been labelled 'alternative', 'complementary'... and side-lined. We have simply not been taken seriously. As a result of the decades-long maligning and side-lining, we have had to fight to be noticed, by the public, by governments, by anyone. 

The belief that alllopathic medicine rules the roost is embedded deep in the pysche of people all over the world.

To prove this point, just ask yourself a few questions to test out your unconscious beliefs:

  • Where do you sit on the spectrum of believing what is 'good' or 'proper' healthcare?
  • What are your views of natural health practitioners? Do you trust them, or do you think they are 'unscientific', unqualified, ineffective or woo woo?
  • When you think you might be ill, who is the first 'go to' practitioner that comes to mind?
  • If you are an allopathically-trained medical professional (nurse, doctor etc), what do you think about natural healthcare practitioners?

Perhaps doctors who have stepped away from the mainstream system over the past few years can now understand what it is like to be disregarded and dismissed. What such doctors (eg, from NZDSOS, World Council for Health etc) have experienced these past 3 years, as they have been witch-hunted by their colleagues, is exactly what natural health practitioners have experienced for decades!

I cannot tell you the number of medical conferences I have attended, and even presented at, where I have experienced, first-hand, the snubbing and denegration of my profession by allopathically-trained medical professionals who believe natural healthcare practitioners are inconsequential. This is the direct result of the intensity of century-old programming and conditioning of the masses that has trained the populace that the allopathic system is the one and only healthcare system.

This cannot continue if we wish to create a new and better way.

The current and prevailing medical paradigm has been that doctors are the unspoken 'king' when it comes to knowing the answers to disease and illness. (This statement is not intended to be a slight towards doctors - it's just a statement of fact of the programming and conditioning we have been subjected to for nearly two centuries that makes the doctor 'king'

And the point I am trying to make here is this:

If we want to re-create a better healthcare system and do not understand the EQUALITY in skills, expertise and knowledge of natural healthcare practitioners with doctors, then we are starting off on the wrong footing straightaway. 

What came before Big Pharma?

For thousands of years there have been myriads of natural approaches to healthcare, many of which have become extremely sophisticated over the past few decades.

I happen to be one of these many practitioners who has studied a plethora of natural health modalities, and after having applied them for both myself, and helped others, there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that these modalities are valid, and should be taken just as seriously as the allopathic model. 

Dare I say it (this is almost a blasphemous statement coming from a natural health practitioner), many of these natural healthcare modalities are light-years ahead of and beyond the traditional allopathic approach to health. 

I don't say this lightly, and I absolutely do intend to be rude. I have very high regard for doctors, their training, their genuine care for their patients. 

But here's the problem:

Without realizing it, doctors have been trained in a system which does not teach them how to understand or treat the real cause of disease. Through no fault of their own, they have not been trained with the best information. Of course, this was designed as such from the start, because the system was designed as a dis-ease care system, not a healthcare system. 

So how can a doctor expect to know something they haven't been taught? How can they offer a patient information they don't have themselves?

Very few of us have known the extent of the deliberate deception and corruption of 'Big Medicine' and the global-industrial-medical complex. And most people have yet to understand it. 

So here is the important point here, which if people do not 'get', we will not create a better healthcare system:

It's absolutely essential that the populace - that means EVERYONE - become de-programmed from the century-old conditioned belief that allopathic medicine should lead the way into a new medical system.

It's absolutely ESSENTIAL that people understand ALL healthcare approaches have validity and it's time for natural health modalities and natural health practitioners t to be taken seriously. It's time to heal the divide - to bring together both approaches to healthcare: natural and allopathic. It's time for a merging. 

It's time!

I truly hope that both the public and all health professionals understand how important this is.

Kim Knight

Director - The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing

September 2023


References and Resources:

Video clip above from presentation at Brazil medical conference - full video at 

History of Big Oil - The history of how medicine began

'The End of Covid' documentary series

The True History of Modern Medicine - A compilation of videos which will blow your mind and educate you into the true and suppressed hidden history of medicine

The Cult of the Medics - A deep dive into the murky history of medicine by David Whitehead

Better Way for a Better World - video presentations by the Art of Health on visions of a new healthcare system


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