Resolving Polarity and Duality

freedom Apr 15, 2022

Humans are 'run' by 'patterns of consciousness'.

We all are, until we set ourselves free from them, which takes much work.

It is not until our 'True Self' is manifesting fully (aka we are 'enlightened' or 'self-realized') that our patterns are no longer 'ruling the roost' of our consciousness.

Patterns of consciousness are what create life problems (individually and collectively) because we behave, and feel, and think, and act THROUGH our unconscious patterns, which are deeply embedded in us.

These problems will be our own life problems, and the collective problems of humanity.

The patterns which trip us up include: greed, negativity, pessimism, selfishness, fixed expectations, suspicion, competitiveness, comparison, self-centredness, POLARITY, and more.

INTERNALLY the pattern of 'polarity' manifests as inner conflict: feeling good one day, and bad the next... feeling capable and incapable... fearful and courageous... right and wrong... the list is inexhaustable. When we have inner...

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