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Note: this page is for in-person and online trainings.

For conferences, summits and webinars where Kim is guest-speaking for other organizations, please go to the speaker page.

The Bigger Picture

May - June 2023

The deeper metaphysical causes of world problems and how we can solve them.

Why is humanity and the planet really in crisis? What is going on? Are there deeper hidden reasons for our troubles? What is the way out? 

This ground-breaking video series will take a birds-eye view of the evolution of humanity to clarify what is happening, and offer tangible solutions for making our way through. 

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11 Principles of Healing

October 2022

Discover the incredible self-healing powers of your body-mind.

The purpose of this webinar is for you to gain insight into the amazing self-healing abilities of your body, in tandem with the Ren Xue and Yuan Ming approach to health.

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Patterns Recognition Classes

Weekly and Ongoing - and FREE!

How do you recognize unhealthy patterns which cause suffering? 

'Unhealthy patterns' play out in many ways inside our head, and in through our behaviours and habits. They can manifest as thoughts, beliefs, habitual ways of thinking, ‘stories’, future worries, past regrets, fears, emotional triggering, as well as repeated actions and habits.

Is it time to end your suffering

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Resolve Polarity & Duality Workshop

22 April - 6 May 2022

The pattern of polarity is at an all-time high in the world today. Families and friends are torn apart. The world is at war. In order to bring positive change to our outer world, we must first change our INNER world - one person at a time. You are invited to learn 2 simple but incredibly effective techniques for RESOLVING INNER POLARITY & DUALITY. Set yourself free. Help set the world free - one person at a time.

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Emotional First Aid

November December 2021

Learn how to restore emotional equilibrium and balance even when life and the world around you seem to be going crazy. 

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Free Online Summit October 2020

What does it mean to awaken to your full potential? What is the path of human evolution and humanity's destiny? Come find out. 

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Creative Manifestation Course

Manifest your goals and dreams with a unique blend of guided meditation, creative visualization, and harnessing the infinite potential of Qi. 

Learn how to manifest what you need and want in your life, in alignment with your higher Self, for the highest good of all.

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How to help your clients manage their emotions

May 2022


In this global health summit for health coaches, Kim shares with practitioners how they can help clients find and clear their emotional baggage. Of course, to do this, we must first be able to do it ourselves!

2022 Global Health Coach Summit

Feeling Safe in a Changing World 

Online Summit Feb 2021

Steps you can take to stay sane and calm in an ever-changing world. Discover how staying present is one of the best antidotes to stress and fear. 

Global Consciousness Summit

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