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'You are the Love' Summit

February 2024

 A 2-week journey to deeper self love, greater self trust, and creating love, validation, and empowerment from the inside out.

An inspiring line-up on all topics self love and self trust: 

  • Befriending your inner critic
  • Embodying your self worth
  • Strengthening your strengths (and getting rid of imposter syndrome)
  • Falling in love with Self
  • Ditching diet culture and embracing your body
  • Self pleasure and Restoring trust
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Wellfest Queenstown 2024

2-4 February 2024

WellFest'24 is local summer wellness festival set against the stunning backdrop of Queenstown's Kawarau River. This 3 day family friendly camping experience has teamed up with local businesses to bring an incredibly rich and diverse community experience.

With three stages of Dj's, live music, wellness workshops, woodfired sauna's (two of them!), private riverside views, and a warm andwelcoming tribe, we invite you to join us for an epic summer celebration you won't forget!

I'll be leading a 'heart consciousness meditation' - come join us!

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Steps to Overcoming Brain Fog

January 2024

A deep-dive into many of the hidden causes of brain fog, and solutions to restore mental clarity and cognitive function naturally.

This webinar was recorded live for the World Council for Health in January 2024.

Listen to the Replay

An Afternoon of Inspiration

Friday 5th January 2024

Join Natalie Cutler-Welsh for an afternoon of inspiration and enlightenment on RCR radio to hear a wonderful pick n' mix selection of some of Nat's most popular shows from 2023.

Listen live online!

Listen here live

Lifestyle Medicine Health Coaching Summit

Online 21-25 May 2023

The world's premier LM event. Attendees will learn how to radically upgrade their health coaching skills, improve client health outcomes, grow their practice, add health coaching into their business, find employment opportunities, and help transform healthcare.

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The Bigger Picture on Reality Check Radio

May 2023

Why is the world in crisis? What is really going on? Are there deeper, unexplained reasons? This is the topic of this upcoming radio interview with Reality Check Radio host Natalie Cutler-Welsh. 

Tune into Natalie's Show

The Bigger Picture Video Series

On Demand, Watch Anytime

Learn the real reasons behind humanity's crises. Learn how it is part of the evolution of human consciousness. Learn how there is much hope for a positive future. With Ageless Wisdom teachers David Hopper and Kim Knight. 

Details and Registration

The Power of your Body to Self Heal

Sept 2023

Is it possible to take care of your health without needing to rely on external interventions? What role do stress and emotions play in the causation of physical symptoms? We discuss this and more with Reality Check Radio host Natalie Cutler-Welsh. 

Tune into Natalie's Show

The Bigger Picture

April-June 2023

A foray into the deeper, spiritual reasons for why the world is falling apart, interview for the World Council for Health. 

Watch Now On Demand

PHA - 'Wellness Wednesday'

19 April 2023

The PHA's (People's Health Alliance) next Wellness Wednesday session takes place on Wednesday the 19 April.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

NZ: 8.30pm / NSW & VIC: 7.30pm / SA: 7pm / QLD: 6.30pm / WA: 4.30pm

Details and Registration

Digital Health Week Conference

5-8 December 2022

"Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) through Lifestyle Medicine - People and whānau leading their own health journeys through online digital healthcare." 

In September Kim will be presenting at the HinZ Digital Health Week Conference, NZ. HiNZ events bring together key players within the digital health sector. 

DHWNZ Conference Information

Lifestyle Medicine Summit

21-30 October 2022

Over 30 expert speakers, researchers and bestselling authors share their evidence-based strategies to reduce and reverse 80% of Chronic Diseases. 

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Put your own oxygen mask on first!

 October 2022

In this session we look at WHY it is essential for our health to take care of ourselves, and how we can do this in practical, simple ways. 

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Patterns of Consciousness (part 2 of 2)

9am 20th October 2022 NZT

How do our unconscious patterns cause misinterpretations, misunderstandings, conflicts and problems? We continue looking at this in part 2 of this series, with a focus on how we can change our unhealthy patterns of consciousness.

Watch the Replay

Patterns of Consciousness (part 1 of 2)

October 2022

How do our unconscious patterns cause misinterpretations, misunderstandings, conflicts and problems? This is the topic of this webinar. 

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Lifestyle Medicine

A Beginners Guide

Monday 17th October UK at 9pm on zoom

(9am Tues 18th Oct NZT) Time Zone Convert

What is Lifestyle Medicine? How can it help you manage your health? How can you heal from chronic illness without medication or supplements? Is this possible? All these questions and more answered, with true-life case stories, in this webinar!!

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Meditation for Global Healing

9am Sat 8th October NZT 

Time convert

There is little doubt the world is in dire need of positive assistance at this time - environmentally, politically, socially, financially... we have many problems to solve. The good news is, the thoughts and energy we put INTO the world can significantly contribute to improving our outcomes. Come join us and let's solve our problems together.

Watch the Replay

Miracle Health Habits Summit

September 22nd - October 12th 2022

21 Experts reveal secrets on how to upgrade your daily rituals to achieve optimal health. Explore the “HOW” behind building a strong relationship with your health WHILE having a great foundation of habits that allow you to be present in life with yourself and others.

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World Healthcare Nursing Conference

19-21 Sept 2022, Online

'Lifestyle Medicine - The Best Health Insurance'

In September Kim will be presenting on the power of lifestyle medicine at the 2nd Edition of World Health Care and Nursing Conference (WHCN 2022). The overall conference theme is "Advances and Innovations in Health Care and Nursing".

World Nursing Conference

Mens Muster

'Charge Up Your Engine'

August 2022, Fiordland, South Island

In case you haven't worked it out yet - you're not invincible and you don’t have all the answers! Is it time to get back in touch or find your sense of identity Unleash your inner problem-solver as you set about some light-hearted hunter-gathering tasks - it’s friendly competition, with egos left at the door. You'll feel unbelievable energy as you experience an incredible array of speakers.

Mens Muster Event Website

Creative Manifestation

🧘🏽‍♀️ Save the date to meditate!

Saturday, July 23 at 10pm BST as we meditate together. This week's meditation will be 'conscious creative manifestation'.

Join the World Council for Health Mind Health Committee weekly meditation in their Telegram group every Friday! 

Sign up below to be reminded when the Connection Room begins.

Watch the Replay

Making the Impossible Possible

9 Mythbusters to revolutionize your understanding of illness and health.

Friday 15th July at 10pm (GMT+1) on zoom

(9am Sat 16 July NZT) Time Zone Convert

What is true healthcare? What have you been told is possible? What have you erroneously been told is impossible? Do you believe your body can heal without external intervention? All these questions and more will be addressed in this one-of-a-kind webinar which may blow your mind around what is possible in the coming new healthcare system of the 23rd century.

Watch the Replay

World Congress for Health

30 June - 3 July 2022

The 2nd World Congress of the World Council for Health and Doctors for Life in Brazil, with the participation of the organizations FLCCC Alliance (USA), BIRD (UK), DFW and OMV, will take place between the 30th of June and the 3rd of July 22 in Foz do Iguaçu - PR, Brazil, and will focus on chronic COVID-19 and post-vaccination diseases. 

The event will also address national and international legal aspects, unpublished studies on treatments and will also feature a block of information on integrative medicine and its applications in coping with the disease. 

My presentation focused on 'What does a 23rd Century Healthcare System look like'?

Watch the Replay

Emotional Freedom

 What is emotional freedom? How do negative emotions affect all areas of your life? Discover the 5 steps to dissolving emotions and why emotional mastery is one of the most important keys to unlocking health and wellbeing.

Watch WCH Replays

Re-create your Story


We have the power to create our future in every living moment. Our mind has tremendous power to create positive outcomes, but for this to happen, we need to take an active role in how we use and direct our mind. Join us for an experiential journey in creating the life we desire.

Watch WCH Replays

Smile your way to Inner Peace

🧘🏽‍♀️ Save the date to meditate!

Join us on Friday, June 24 at 10pm BST (9am Sat 23 June NZT) as we meditate together. This week's meditation will be 'smile your way to inner peace'.

Join the World Council for Health Mind Health Committee weekly meditation in their Telegram group every Friday! 

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Watch Replays of Meditations

Lifestyle Health Coach Summit

26-29 May 2022

Join the World's Largest Health Coach Online Summit & Global  Conference.

Are you a certified health coach with a desire to expand your skills? Could you use guidance on how to improve client health outcomes? Do you need help growing your business? Are you a student health coach and want to feel more confident & competent?

Visit the summit & conference website to learn about speakers, topics, and how you can SAVE 50% OFF your conference ticket. Individual and team tickets are available.

Register Free for The Health Coach Summit

Tess Talks with Kim

Why you heal a person, not an illness

Fireside Chat - June 2022

We explore why physical health is greatly influenced by emotional 'dis-ease', and why getting to the root of a physical issue requies looking at a whole person’s life, even back to their birth. Where allopathic medicine sees the symptoms as the problem, in holistic modalities, physical symptoms can be the means by which we uncover the root cause of disease.

Watch the interview with Tess Lawrie, co-founder of the World Council for Health.

World Council for Health Conference

'A Better Way'

20-22 May 2022

50 speakers from around the world will come together to focus on solutions in the areas of Law, Social Economies, Environment, Integrative Medicine, Media and more. Join in person or online from anywhere in the world. I'll be speaking on day 3. 

Tickets will be available to buy soon. 

Buy Tickets

Quantum Imagination

April 2022

The InStory Show - an international interview series featuring speakers from all over the world on a deep, focused topic for women connected to purpose, vision, story and creative expression.

This year: Quantum Imagination. Activate this untapped human super power and discover the keys to unlock your potential. Create a life filled with joy, meaning and purpose honoring the sovereign nature of who you are at your core. 

Register Free for InStory Show Interviews

What is 23rd Century Healthcare?

World Council for Health

Tuesday 5th April 2022

Would you like a healthcare system which relies completely on AI (artificial intelligence), technology, robots, digital control of your body? Or would you like some autonomy, choice and the know-how of how to engage the natural self-healing powers of your body-mind? Or both?

World Council for Health News Room

EMF, Energy & Frequency

World Council for Mental Health

Let's talk about Healthy Frequencies, and what energy means for your health. We'll look at earth frequences, EMF, internal frequencies and more. Join the WCMH in the 'Connection Room' of their Telegram Channel @worldforhealthchat. 

Wellness After 40

March 2022

Join me on the 'Wellness over 40' Summit in March 2022. Watch free and on demand.

A stunning line-up of speakers, workshops and live trainings. 

See the full details, bonuses and free gifts on the blog page:

Wellness After 40 Summit

How to help your clients manage their emotions

May 2022

In this global health summit for health coaches, Kim shares with practitioners how they can help clients find and clear their emotional baggage. Of course, to do this, we must first be able to do it ourselves!


The Hidden Meaning in Covid-19

8am 15 Feb 2022 NZT

Does Covid-19 have a message for humanity? What are we to learn from it? 

Let's look at some of the hidden meanings and messages in chronic illness, which apply equally to an individual as to the collective. 

Replay of Kim's Presentation

Lifestyle Medicine Summit

October 2021

There is no beating around the bush anymore.

  • 1+ Billion people worldwide suffer from it.
  • 60% of US adults have one chronic disease
  • 4 in 10 U.S. adults have two or more of these conditions
  • 90% of healthcare cost is spent to manage it.
  • 88% of patients hospitalized for Co -vid had it.

The good news is we have a solution: thousands of doctors and healthcare providers are using it daily with their patients with astounding results.

Join the movement and find out more. 

Register for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit - it's free and online.

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Free Online Summit October 2020

What does it mean to awaken to your full potential? What is the path of human evolution and humanity's destiny? Come find out. 

Watch the Summit On Demand

Global Nursing Conference

September 28th 2021 (USA EST)

The science of caring, and challenges around the world: present status and future prospects. 

Virtual conference - attend from the comfort of home.

More Details.

Breathe Easy Summit

Online Interview Series - March 2021

Discover natural ways to improve breathing, reduce fear and increase energy. The Breathe Easy summit explores natural ways to manage and treat respiratory problems.

The Breathe Easy Summit

How to prevent burnout

Online Interview Series - March 2021

Join me and Marijke Timmers on the 'Ethical Entrepreneur Interview Series' and learn how you can prevent or recover from burnout. 

The Ethical Entrepreneur Series

Women's Health & Wellbeing Evening 

Queenstown, Monday, March 8, 2021 5-7pm

Join me for an evening of empowering and inspirational talks from a range of woman from the Queenstown Lakes, with the chance to socialise post event.
Panel on Health, Wellbeing and Empowerment with Mel Haarer, Kim Knight, Taylor Rapley & Michelle Moynes. 

Yonder Women's Event

Emotional Neglect and Health

Interview on the Pantea Kalhor Transition Channel - March 2021

How and why do emotional neglect and verbal abuse lead to illness later in life? Why are meeting emotional and developmental needs in childhood so important for health and wellbeing? Find out...

The Pantea Kalhor Transition Channel

Feeling Safe in a Changing World 

Online Summit Feb 2021

Steps you can take to stay sane and calm in an ever-changing world. Discover how staying present is one of the best antidotes to stress and fear. 

Global Consciousness Summit

Her Story Summit

Online 2020

Empowered women empowering women. 

Her Story Conference

Auckland March 2020

Empowered women empowering women. 

Reboot your Brain

Online Summit 2020

Harness the power of your mind and brain for good.  

Energy Medicine

Online Summit 2020

Learn how to tap into your innate self-healing powers. 

Shift Energy Medicine

Online Summit 2019

Learn how to tap into your innate self-healing powers. 

Anger Management

HRINZ Online Webinar Training 2020

Learn how to manage anger with simply everyday self-help techniques. 

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