Two Secrets to De-Stressing

In order to return to our natural, calm state, our job is to take away what is preventing that natural state. It's not about adding in - it's about taking away.
Here are a few insights on dealing with stress at a fundamental level.
What do I mean by 'at a fundamental level'?
Well, there are many layers to stress, and there are actually two types of stress; INTERNALLY induced, AND EXTERNALLY induced.

Internal Stress

Internal stress is anything we do to ourselves which has very little or nothing to do with anyone else. It has to do with our personal habits, lifestyle behaviours, daily actions, which keep us perpetually stressed, even though we keep saying we want to be calm and peaceful. In other words, we perpetuate our own stress – it is a habit which is akin to an addiction. We are unconsciously addicted to our stress.

External Stress

External stress is caused by anything ‘external’ to our body – ie environment, events and...
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