Understanding the 'Totality' of the Immune System

natural immunity Dec 04, 2021

"It's in our iron grip to control nature, that she rejects us completely".

In this interview (the snippet video above is from the full episode 4 of the documentary series) this doctor explains how our immune system is part of the wider eco-system of the world... of nature.

If we want to stay healthy, we have to take into account that we are not separate from our environment or nature. 

Even though this information has been known for 30 years, it has not been revealed to most people. We have been kept in the dark, because it's not 'economical' (for a certain group of people) to have a 'health system' - instead we have been maintaining and perpetuating a 'dis-ease' system. 

In order to understand human health, we must understand the much bigger picture of how life works: we must understand our place in nature, because we are PART of nature, not separate from it. 

I highly recommend you watch this series, which is running live - free of charge - for...

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