The Bliss - and Necessity - of a Good Night's Sleep

emf sleep wifi Nov 26, 2023

As I wrote about in my very first EMF blog, it took 6 months for the effects of wifi to slowly build up inside me, and because it happened so slowly, I didn't realize what was happening, or why my mental clarity was deteriorating. 

Fresh as a Daisy

This morning I woke up feeling as fresh as a daisy, almost as if I'd morphed overnight into a new person. 

Even waking at 6.30am, after going to bed later than usual, after an unusually late night out attending an inspirational gala event for women's refuge, my mind was crisp, and energy high. 

Why, you may ask, is this of any consequence, for me, or you?

Well, as you may know, or have personally experienced, not sleeping well is the pits.

When you don't sleep well, you simply can't function as a proper human being. You turn into a quasi-zombie.

  • Your mind will be foggy
  • Energy will be low
  • You'll be less productive (or maybe completely unproductive)
  • And you'll probably be emotionally short-tempered and crabby
  • You'll move through the day wishing you could just drop into bed to catch up sleep
  • And sometimes, when sleep deprivation goes on too long, you'll wonder how you're ever going to keep going. 

Getting good sleep is absolutely essential for good health and wellbeing. The list of the benefits and necessities of sleeping well is long. 

For a start, the body needs to be able to sleep well in order to self-repair, which it does automatically when we're in bed at night. We need good, refreshing sleep for our minds to be clear, sharp and creative. And we need it to feel emotionally stable.

So why was I so ecstatic to wake up feeling refreshed today?

Because for the past week, since moving into a new abode, I have had the worst sleep I've had in many years. And I'm a person who simply cannot function without proper sleep. 

Normally I fall asleep within seconds of lying my head on the pillow at night. But not at this new house. 

All week I would go to bed tired (partly from natural tiredness building up during the day, and partly due to a cumulative lack of sleep from previous night's insomnia, ) but then be unable to fall asleep. I'm sure most people can relate to the frustration of lying in bed, desperate to fall asleep, and no matter what you do, you lie awake half the night, tossing and turning . 

So what made the difference last night?

I'll tell you.


Yep, I turned that dam router off.

EMF, Wifi and Health

Now, the knowledge of the effects of wifi EMF (electro-magnetic-fields) on the brain and health is not new to me.

I've been writing about it for years, after my first mind-blowing experience with wifi in 2009, which I wrote about in another blog

The powerful experience of the detrimental effects of wifi back then, when routers were first becoming common in homes, was one of the reasons I stayed living in a particular house on 10 acres for 16 years, at a distance from other dwellings - where I had the ability to remain wifi-free through choice.

After that mind-blowing experience, I knew I needed, for my health, work productivity and sanity, to remain living in an EMF-free home for as long as possible. 

While the world around me slowly succumbed to wireless routers (as opposed to ethernet-cable plugged-in internet), I kept my house 'hard-wired', and felt the better for it.

However, eventually, I needed to move house, and I knew I would have to get used to living in wireless internet zones, because by then, the world had irrevocably changed, and most people were living with wireless - rather than wired - internet routers (modems). (You may have noticed that many (most) internet routers these days no longer even have a hard-wired option).

And so in 2020, I started living for the first time immersed in EMF smog.

And boy did my health start to suffer as a consequence. 

My mental clarity reduced, brain fog increased, and I just generally felt less well than usual. And my sleep suffered too.

Unfortunately, like most people these days, I was unable to avoid the wifi, because the places I was living had 24/7 wifi, and due to the nature of the houses I was living in, I was unable to control whether it was on or off. 

And it's not only our own home we have to think about. If you check the number of 'wifi hotspots' on your cell phone or laptop, you will notice you are usually picking up all the surrounding dwellings' wifi routers too, sometimes up to 10, 20 or more other routers! We are literally immersed in wifi when living in most suburban or city areas these days.

EMF and your Blood

So why is it that living in wifi-filled areas has such an effect on our sleep, mood, brain function and overall health?

Well, I cannot tell you the thousands of research papers that have been done which have proven the detrimental effects of wifi.

And one of the easiest ways to understand why it is affecting the body so strongly is to see what it does to red blood cells.

On the image below, you can see what happens to blood in the presence of wireless EMF (electro-magnetic-fields):

When the human body is subjected to ongoing EMF, the blood will start to coagulate in a different way, losing its natural formation. 

This is known as the 'memon effect', and has been written about profusely. 

Just listen to this interview by Dr Yurkovsky who explains the dangers of wifi:

I could literally post thousands of references / articles / videos on the detrimental effects of wifi on human (and animal) health. But I simply don't have time, and if you're interested, I suggest you do your own research - and I've posted several links at the end of this article to get started. 

Since healthy blood is the foundation of normal cellular and organ function, if the blood becomes thickened and malformed, our health will deteriorate.

This is why we start to feel sub-par, tired, mentally unproductive, grumpy, intolerant, exhausted...

And the effects are cumulative, and build up over time.

Simply put, EMF is a silent killer.


Why are some people affected more than others?

So why is it that some people know they are 'EMF sensitive', and other's don't seem to notice anything?

And why is it that this information about the harmful effects of WIFI are not well known to many people?

I'll answer each question separately:


Why some people 'seem' to be affected more than others

What I'm about to say is my personal opinion, based on my personal experience of EMF, along with observations of working with hundreds of chronically sick clients in clinic over nearly two decades. 

Some of us are naturally more 'sensitive' to what is going on around us, in our environment, including our interactions with people and how we feel in our immediate surroundings. 

As the saying goes, some people have a 'thick skin', and others don't. 

And some people have a naturally stronger constitution, where they are able to tolerate invisible environmental disharmony for longer than others. 

In other words, some people are very sensitive, and others are less aware of how they are affected by the environment, or other people's moods.

Personally, I've always been very sensitive to my surroundings - I can just feel the energy of space around me. It's not logical, I cannot explain it intellectually, but I can sense the energy of space. I'm also very sensitive to the moods of others. This is why I became a natural at Feng Shui (one of the first modalities I trained in) and also why I can help others sort their health problems out, because I see, feel and sense beyond the visible. 

But here's the thing that's important to know:

Even if you're not sensitive or aware of the effects of EMF around you, the effects and consequences are still happening on your body.

The only difference between an EMF-sensitive person and someone who is less aware of the effects, is the conscious awareness of what is happening inside the body, because whether you like it or not, the effects are going on! 


Why the general public are under-informed about EMF dangers

So if the detrimental effects of wifi are so ubiquitous, why is it so few people still know about it?

Well, the answer to this is very long and complex, and I'm not going to go into detail now, but here's the short version:

The industries that have created this technology don't want you to know.

Back in the 1990's when the first wireless safety standards were introduced, the strength of EMF was much lower, and therefore less harmful than it is today.

Back then we started with 2G, and now we are moving into 5G, and even 6G. 

The crazy thing is, despite the fact that EMF is now hundreds of times stronger, industry still refers back to the original safety standards for what is tolerable to the human body!

And we also have to remember the thousands of satellites which have been launched into space since August 2021, constantly beaming down megawatts of EMF from the atmosphere. There is probably literally no square inch of earth now free of wireless radiation.

And despite the fact there are now hundreds (probably thousands) of groups worldwide protesting about the dangers of EMF and WIFI, their words fall on deaf ears. The big tech industry simply doesn't want to know, and continue to ignore the data proving the harmful effects. 


How to tell if you're being EMF affected?

So how can you tell if you're being affected by wireless radiation?

  1. Well, as mentioned above, firstly take it as read that you are, even if you don't consciously feel anything.
  2. Get in the habit of checking how many hotspots are around you
  3. The way to notice the effects is to experiment with turning your wifi router on and off.

Some people (like myself) will notice the difference immediately, and others will notice it more over time.

And here's a super important point to contemplate, and which explains why many people are unaware of the effects:

The effects for many people are slow and cumulative - just like boiling a frog in water.

As I wrote about in my very first EMF blog, it took 6 months for the effects of wifi to slowly build up inside me, and because it happened so slowly, I didn't realize what was happening, or why my mental clarity was deteriorating. 

Very sadly, people are unconsciously becoming acclimatized to EMF smog. They are getting used to brain fog, and reduced mental clarity and increased tiredness. But this doesn't mean we should or have to keep tolerating this. WE HAVE A CHOICE!


Solution Time

So how can we manage the harmful effects of EMF?

Well, we have more power than we think, especially in our own home environment.

It's simple:

You can turn the WIFI off! Especially at night, when your body needs to rest and repair.

How can your body regenerate and repair if the blood cells are so detrimentally affected 24/7? They can't!

So be discerning over when and how long you have wifi on in your home environment.

It's simple: just press the power button on your router off at night! It will come on again in the morning when you need it!! 

This will also deter you from lying in bed at night, scrolling through your facebook feed (although you can still do that on mobile data if you need!)

And secondly, I recommend investing in anti-EMF devices to counter-act the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Your body will thank you for it.

Don't let yourself become that frog in a pot.

Preserve your health - you need it. 


Upcoming 'Sleep Hygiene' Workshop (online)

Sign up to my enews (bottom of home page) for details of the upcoming 'sleep hygiene' workshop - tips and tricks for better sleep, without having to take sleep medication (and more than just turning off your wifi router!) 


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