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I take my professional training, and standing as a natural health practitioner, seriously.

As a practitioner who is often labelled as 'alternative', simply because I am not trained through the conventional system of 'allopathic' healthcare, does not mean that the modalities I offer are sub-standard or 'less than' the conventional approach most of us are familiar with. In fact, in many cases, the therapies I have trained in are light-years ahead of conventional approaches, primarily because they focus on resolving the root cause of the problems, rather than dealing with the end-results (aka turning off the faucet, rather than mopping up the floor whilst leaving the tap running). 

The truth is, hundreds (thousands) of practitioners have been training for decades 'behind the scenes' in a multitude of natural health modalities which have traditionally been 'poo-pooed' by many medical professionals. Now that the legacy medical system is breaking down, and people are starting to understand that treating the end-result doesn't solve the cause, more and more people are seeking out natural healthcare practitioners for help.

Fortunately, there are many organizations now which recognize the growing number of natural therapy modalities. 

Over the years I have been affiliated with many professional organizations, please see the list below. 

Current and ongoing Member

IICT Institute for Complementary Therapists - Full Member
Complementary Therapist Insurance & Membership Approved ...  IICT Member logo - Reset Muscle Maintenance
IICT Institute for Complementary Therapists¬†‚Äď approved training provider
New Zealand Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong Association Full Member
World Council for Health - Partner
 World Council for Health | Substack
IAACE ‚Äď Advanced Clearing Energetics International Association¬†Full Member

IMMA International Meta Medicine Association - Member



Past Affiliations

Auckland Chamber of Commerce 

HINZ ‚Äď Health Informatics New Zealand Association¬†


Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine