Why Being Unaware Keeps You Sick

healing Dec 17, 2020

"All healing is awareness: becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of, and then you have new choices". Gilles Marin


Often when people are looking for answers to their SYMPTOMS, they tend to focus on looking for a PHYSICAL solution to their PHYSICAL problem.

Whilst there is no doubt that physical applications can help (eg dietary change, supplements, even medication or surgery sometimes) the REALITY is that most illness does not START on a physical level, and therefore will not be SOLVED on a physical level.

Most illness has a META physical component - this means 'beyond' physical.

What does that mean? It means the ROOT CAUSES are likely to be found on a stress-mind-emotion level.

And it's essential to understand that WE HEAL A PERSON, NOT AN ILLNESS.

We heal a WHOLE PERSON'S LIFE, not a health condition.

The root causes are likely to be found as the 'DIS-EASE' you are experiencing which is manifesting as DISEASE.

Unless and until we identify and RESOLVE this dis-ease, our body will keep creating the symptoms, because the symptoms are the END RESULT of the dis-ease. This is just how the body works, and very intelligently too.

I share this as a root cause analysis coach with 30 years experience because it PAINS me to see people constantly looking in the WRONG DIRECTION for answers.

It pains me to see people prolonging their symptoms and getting frustrated. It pains me to see people in pain, because after all, who wants to experience pain? It's not fun, whether the pain is physical or emotional.

So, if you want to do yourself a favour, START looking for the root DISTRESS causes. Often they will lie hidden and out of sight, which is why I also recommend you search out a root cause analysis coach.

The nature of consciousness is that WE ARE UNAWARE OF WHAT WE ARE UNAWARE OF, until that awareness is brought into awareness.

Since we cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it, and need to go 'META' (beyond) to see the full picture, this is why we need help.

Here's a tip to help you know if you need help:

If you've been struggling to solve a problem for more than 3 months by yourself, and you’re not getting anywhere, it's a sign you are not seeing what is going on, because you are unconsciously blind to your own unconsciousness! Get some help! 

You have to look BEYOND the physical to find your answers. Please do! It will save you a lot of time, money and angst. 

Recommended Resources

Watch the free 'What if - Secrets to Health" online series which explains the nature of illness and root cause analysis in detail. It could change your life. 



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