The Other Side of the Story

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2022

Most people get their information from the 6 o'clock news.

Unfortunately, much of this information does not represent the full picture.

This ground-breaking documentary series, airing exactly 2 years after the pandemic began, sheds new light on what has been happening.

It's always good to get the 'bigger picture'.

The series airs free for a short time, and then is available on demand for a fee. 

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9 Episode Schedule:

Episode 1: Truth: Overcoming Censorship and Media Misinformation

Episode 2: Cover Up: Deaths & Dangers of the Vaccines 

Episode 3: Treatments: Censored Non-Prescription Treatments that Work

Episode 4: Healing: How to Heal Your Body from the Jab

Episode 5: Hysteria: Dispelling the Media-Driven Panic

Episode 6: Agenda: What’s it REALLY All About?

Episode 7: Fallout: How the Jab Impacts Women, Fertility & Children 

Episode 8: Tyranny: Global Government Cracking Down on Dissent

Episode 9: Freedom: How to Stand Up for Your Rights

Each episode is free to air for 24 hours starting 16th March 2022. 

More details here


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