Music as Medicine - 7 Week Online Training

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2022

The Power of Sound to Heal

Scientific evidence has revealed that music and key sound frequencies have the power to support our bodies to heal naturally at a very deep level.

When applied correctly, these vibrations gently massage the body’s cells and have an almost magical capacity to heal emotional and physical traumas held in the body. 

Health challenges, such as chronic pain, chronic inflammation, high blood pressure, and poor immune system efficiency can all be alleviated without the need for prescription drugs, affirms acoustics scientist John Stuart Reid

John's Story of Pain Recovery

After prescription medications had failed to diminish his debilitating back pain, he eliminated the pain permanently by immersing himself in low-frequency sound for just 20 minutes while lying inside the sarcophagus inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

In this free one hour webinar John explains the biological mechanisms that underpin sound’s ability to support healing and overcome disease. This can expand your understanding and belief in the efficacy of sound therapy and music medicine. 

Free Introductory Webinar with John

Register here for Discover Music as Medicine: The Power of Sound to Reduce Pain, Lower Blood Pressure & Decrease Inflammation

In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll:

  • Participate in an interactive sound-therapy exercise that promises to help you reduce pain, alleviate chronic inflammation, and lower your blood pressure
  • Learn how to significantly increase the oxygen availability in your bloodstream to optimize your body’s ability to heal
  • Discover how activating your vagus nerve can help reduce chronic inflammation and slow the rate at which you age
  • Experience a deep level of calm as music increases your production of dopamine, while decreasing cortisol levels
  • Stimulate the production and number of white blood cells to strengthen your immune system 

When your body is free of pain and able to move fluidly, without stiffness, your mind will nestle into a deeper level of peace and serenity.

Western medicine has embraced “music as medicine” as a clinical specialty after establishing that the body’s healing mechanisms are optimally supported by certain frequencies.

During this inspiring hour, you’ll be guided to stimulate your vagus nerve while sonically bathed in “The Dream of the Blue Whale,” a beautiful and etheric song containing frequencies as low as 12 Hz — ideal for supporting healing and reducing chronic inflammation as your body melts into deep relaxation.

Watch the webinar here

And then you're invited on a 7 week journey of learning and transformation in how you can use sound to heal. Details are in the webinar. 


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