Breaking Down to Break Through: Navigating Collective Insanity

mass psychosis Oct 21, 2023

A couple of years ago, during a 'lockdown' event, I woke up one day and thought to myself, 'the world is in a mass hypnosis event'. 

I could feel so strongly how so many people around the world had been hypnotized by the narrative fed to them by their governments and media. I could clearly see how the world had been sent into a trance of some sort. I talked about it in some of my pink hat videos (here and here), a project where I endeavoured to share useful mind health tips during my daily lockdown walk.

That same week, Mattias Desmet brought his 'mass formation' theory to the world, and it went viral.

Last week I woke up and thought to myself, 'the world is having a collective psychotic episode' - in other words, a breakdown. It feels like the levels of insanity in events going on around the world are simply off the charts.

The one good thing about breakdowns is that they are often a precursor to breaking through to something else... something better. They are part and parcel of transformation, although the process of getting from A to B is often messy and unpleasant. 

Personal Experience

I know quite a lot about breakdowns. I had my own significant breakdown many years ago.

It was an intensely scary experience, where everything I thought I knew about myself and life collapsed. My mind disintegrated, as the old broke down to make way for the new.

The best analogy I can give about this process is the destruction of an old skyscraper, to make way for the building of a new one:

When the old building is destroyed, for a while there is a pile of rubble and a messy building site - one can drive past that building site for weeks and months, and it just looks like a building site - the construction seems to go on forever - it's messy, noisy and inconvenient.

And then one day, you drive past the building site and all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, stands a bright, shiny new building, and you can't even remember what the old building looked like. This is what it's like to have your old mental concepts break-down and be built anew. 

Navigating Mental Breakthroughs

One of the most useful tips for navigating a breakdown is to recognize (re-cognize) - at least on an intellectual level at first - what is happening (in other words, to be able to name it), and be able to remind oneself that even though it feels really uncomfortable and scary, this too shall pass... one will come through.

During a breakdown, where everything familiar seems to be disintegrating, the mind can become very disorientated and fearful. This is because the mind dislikes the unknown. 

It's so important, when one is going through any difficult life circumstance, especially a breakdown or crisis, to have people around you who can tell you it's going to be OK. We need to feel a sense of support and safety, even if we aren't able to manufacture it for ourselves just yet.

If there is someone around you who can guide you through, and tell you it's going to be OK, a level of hope and trust can be felt from the external, even if we don't fully feel it ourselves yet. 

If we can tell ourselves 'it's OK, I've just left one bank of a river, and I'm traversing the river to get to the other side, and even though I don't know how long it will take to get there, I know I will eventually reach the other side' it can make the journey across so much more bearable. There is hope. And this gives us permission to surrender to the process and the journey of making our way across the turbulent waters, and put up with the bumpy ride. 

Macrocosm Microcosm

There is a philosophy which says that what happens on micro (small) levels happens equivalently on larger (macro) levels. 

We can see this at work in the world.

What can happen to one person can apply to the collective of humanity.

Just as one person can go through a breakdown, so can the body of humanity at large.

When the so-called 'C virus' pandemic hit, this was a collective version in what I'd been seeing in individual clients for years, who were coming to me for help with a myriad of symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome, post viral fatigue syndrome, epstein-barr virus, M.E. and similar symptoms or conditions.

One of the things most people do not understand about 'viruses'*(see note below) is that their body succumbs to them when it has become so out-of-balance (usually due to ongoing stress, overwork, overdoing it, unhealthy lifestyle habits, breaking the laws of life etc) that the body has no choice but to become ill in order to restore homeostasis through rest and healing.

A 'virus'* (see note below) is a 'last straw' event.

It brings the person's body to a halt through sickness, for the very intelligent reason of trying to get the person to see they need to make changes in their life. The illness is a gift in disguise, although it may not seem like it at the time. 

This is what happened on a collective level when the so-called 'pandemic' hit, and the world was brought to a halt:

Whilst on one level it may have been (and still is) a nefarious plan by the powers that be to con the world, on another more intelligent 'universal' level it was a wake-up call to the people of the planet to stop and take stock... a reminder that life could no longer be lived the same way, as it was causing far too much harm to the collective (humans, nature, the planet). 

The point I am trying to make here is that the world is in a collective version of what can happen to one individual: a collective psychotic breakdown. And it's messy. Very messy.

Navigating our way through and out

How do we navigate our way through such a mass existential crisis?

Of course I do not all have the answers to such an enormous issue!

But I do know how we can each help ourselves and each other, one person at a time.

For ourselves, we need to be able to self-manage our own health: mentally, physically, energetically, emotionally.

  • We need to be able to self-regulate our emotions, and control any fear and worry-habits in our mind. We need to be on top of our thought-processes and mind habits, to ensure we are more in a state of inner peace and harmony, than fear, most of the time, no matter what is going on externally. This is all possible with training and self-cultivation.
  • We need to take care of our health through good lifestyle habits, work-life balance, connection with uplifting people, support from friends and family, healthy eating and drinking, moving the body, sunshine, fresh air and more. All of these things we have control over, and all of these things make a tremendous difference to our health and wellbeing.
  • We need to observe our reactions to what is going on in the world, and be discerning about what we watch and expose ourselves to. We need to choose where we put our focus on conscious ways, and turn off negative drama-inducing influences on TV and social media.
  • We need to work on uplevelling our consciousness, which means clearing out toxicity of thinking, feeling and behaving, and actively cultivating positive virtues such as love, compassion, trust, openness, gratitude, respect, which are the cornerstones of the Ren Xue system of life cultivation I have been following for many years now.

There is much we can do to elevate our own lives, and as we do so, we affect the collective. In fact, this is the only way true positive lasting change will happen: by each person working on themselves, and helping others to do so too. 

If we wish to see a different world, we have to change our inner world first, because the external world is merely a mirror of our internal world. That says a lot about the state of humans right now, right? We have a lot of work to do if we want to traverse this chasm of insanity we currently find ourselves in.

The good news is, it's all possible, and even inevitable. We just need to do what is necessary, which is to work on our own individual transformation so that we collectively help the world to change.


* Note on viruses - Terrain Theory

Newly-emerging medical theory called 'Terrain Theory' proposes viruses have never been isolated or proven to exist. This may be true, and it can be quite shocking to hear this new theory.

I cannot say whether they do or don't exist, but it is possible that this revelatory theory may well be true. See Andrew Kaufmann's work for more info on this.

However, no matter whether viruses do or do not exist, it is still accurate to say that when the body gets sick with 'virus-like symptoms', it is usually because it is breaking down due to breaking the 'laws of health' and 'laws of life'. 


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