Evidence-based Chronic Disease Solutions for Obesity, Diabetes, Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Auto-Immune


There are no coincidences, right?

It's interesting that just when the non-profit 2021 Lifestyle Medicine Summit - a free global live streaming event - is being launched, I've also noticed an increase in news coverage about the potential benefits of Lifestyle Medicine, not just for our individual health, but for healthcare in general.

Many of us feel frustrated and want evidence-based chronic disease solutions.

Lifestyle Medicine is a scientific approach to preventing and treating chronic illness by utilizing comprehensive lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction and social support.

In the upcoming Lifestyle Medicine Summit 50 of the world's top experts in treating root-cause(s) like Dean Ornish MD, Bruce Lipton Ph.D., David Katz MD, Prof. Ainhoa De Federico, Neal Barnard MD, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Johannes R. Fissinger, Dr. T. Colin Campbell Ph.D., Dr. Jessica Drummond, Bernie Siegel MD, Dawson Church Ph.D. (and myself!) will share how it absolutely matters

  • What we eat, 
  • How we exercise, 
  • How we deal with psychosocial stress and 
  • How much love, support & connection we feel in our life.

There's no charge to join the online summit.

You might wonder:

  • Is there evidence that up to 80% of chronic illnesses can be reversed?
  • How can I implement Lifestyle Medicine into my practice?
  • Why and how would I prescribe Lifestyle Medicine and write Lifestyle Prescriptions®?

Attend the Live Streaming Summit and join 10,000's health professionals & health lovers passionate about Lifestyle Medicine, Prevention & Health Coaching.

Watch transformational TED-style, 100% content talks, and workshops LIVE in real-time.



Root Cause Analysis & Lifestyle Medicine Coach

PS: If you're a traditional or complementary healthcare provider or you need help with your chronic symptoms then the Lifestyle Medicine Summit is a must.


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