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There's so much I'd like to share with you!

I teach and share a radically different type of healthcare, where you play the leading role in your healthcare journey. It will transform your life in ways you may never have dreamed of. 

A New Approach

It's difficult to say in one sentence what I do. So let me give you a run-down of the areas of health I specialize in.

Totality Healing

"We heal a person, not a disease... we heal a whole person's life, not an illness"

Trying to get rid of symptoms without identifying and clearing the root cause is like re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic: it can be ineffective because the 'roots' of the problem are not pulled out.

When you do your gardening, what happens if you only cut the leaves of a weed? It will grow again! It's the same with symptoms and illness: if you don't get to the roots of the symptoms and pull them out, then the illness hasn't really gone - only the superficial layer (the leaves) have been trimmed, but the leaves will probably grow again. 

When you do a Root Cause Analysis with me, we find those roots. And then when we work together in TKM Lifestyle Medicine, we pull theose roots out - for good. The true meaning of healing is 'to make whole'. To do this, we look at the totality of your life, from birth to now, because everything that has ever happened to you is playing its unseen role in your current circumstances. This is what I call 'root cause analysis', and it's our very first step in your healing journey.

TKM Lifestyle Medicine

"Self-care - a revolution in healthcare"

When we work together, you get to play the 'leading role' in your health recovery. Why? Because all healing comes from within, and that means from within you.

Does that sound scary, or undoable? I can assure you it's easier than you might imagine, as long as you know what to do and how to do it, which is exactly what I can show you. You play the starring role in your own healing. How empowering is that? To take back power over your own healing? Can you imagine no longer being afraid of being ill, and knowing what to do to reverse symptoms by yourself? I can assure you it's possible and it is the future of healthcare, here now for those who are ready.

In my signature TKM Lifestyle Medicine sessions and trainings, you will learn how to self-reverse symptoms of illness without having to rely on medication or supplements, and how to ongoingly take care of your health to prevent illness. This is true healthcare, and it will change your life. 


Mind - Body - Emotions - Spirit

Science is now showing how every thought you have, every emotion you feel, every action you take, are all having an effect on your biology (cells, tissues, organs). Once you understand how your emotions, thoughts and habitual actions change your body chemistry, either producing greater health or damage, you have the power to make the changes which will bring your body systems back into a state of balance and natural harmony. This is what you will learn as we work together. 

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