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TKM Lifestyle Medicine Symptom Reduction Program

Transform your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

The goal of this comprehensive self-paced program is to reduce symptoms of chronic, long-term illness.

It is a synthesis of many of the techniques I have used with private coaching clients over 18 years.

Topics and subjects covered in this 3 month self-help program:

Month One:

  • Introduction to TKM Lifestyle Medicine - what makes it work and why it is different and more comprehensive than many other programs
  • Understanding the 'laws of health': why breaking them leads to illness, and how to stop breaking them to restore health
  • Understanding the 'cause and effect' process which leads to illness, and how to reverse this
  • Identifying the life events which have lead to your symptoms of illness so that you can heal on a fundamental level
  • How to reduce and manage stress, and why this is essential for mental wellbeing, physical health and reversing illness
  • Understanding emotions and the role they play in the hidden causation of physical symptoms
  • Learning the signature TKMLM 'ESRP emotion-symptom reduction process' to self-clear symptoms of illness
  • Learning how to use your multiple brains to stay healthy and happy
  • How to access your intuition to make healthy choices and be your authentic self

Month Two:

  • Practical application of techniques to bring results
  • Deepening learning of information
  • Breathing exercises for inducing calm
  • Forgiveness exercises for deep healing
  • Self-compassion exercises for emotional and physical self-healing
  • Understanding the 'surface and deep' of symptoms and issues, and why knowing this 10X's the speed of your recovery
  • Guilt and shame clearing guidance and exercises to free your conscience of hurt, fear and regret

Month Three:

  • Understand the different causes of chronic fatigue (CFS) and exhaustion
  • Debunking the virus myth
  • Self-reflection exercises for inner healing
  • Understanding the impact of EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) on health
  • Understanding how ACE's (Adverse Childhood Events) cause illness later in life
  • Exercise to rate your ACE's
  • Trauma healing
  • Re-building self worth
  • Healing the wounded self

What People Are Saying:

I want to share how this course transformed my health and life! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, degenerative disc, sciatica, and a host of other chronic illnesses about 20 ago. I’ve been studying wellness and self-healing, seeking answers ever since. Kind of like Kim, I’d also tried dozens and dozens of different healing modalities from all around the globe. Some things helped a little, but my better health was still inconsistent day to day. I have even been through therapy for past trauma that still didn’t really help me learn to process emotions. I have been following Kim’s teachings for about 4 months now. It’s one of the very best investments I’ve ever made in my health and self-care!! The thorough assessments and quizzes really help me tune into specific root causes of stress and symptoms. Kim is an excellent teacher, and her methods are so easy to apply. For example when I feel anxious now, I use her technique, and I actually feel the tension melt away in my body as I become aware of exactly how to take action. Prior to her course, when stressful situations occurred, I’d often get stuck in a kind of “freeze” response of overwhelm. This flared up pain and immobilized me further. Since using the tools she’s taught me, my health is also getting more consistent and stable each day!! I feel much more calm inside, no longer fearing my own emotions. I’m learning the benefits of tuning IN rather than out when I experience emotions and sensations. My relationships with difficult family members are far less triggering for me now, too. Best of all, my relationship with myself is far more compassionate and positive! My only regret is that I didn’t learn all this stuff sooner... it sure could have saved me years of suffering. I highly recommend the TKM Lifestyle Medicine to anyone who has a health problem, is emotionally stressed, or even just wants to feel more joy and ease inside. There’s no other emotional self-care course out there that even comes close to what Kim covers!! She always delivers amazing content, offering extra bonuses and content far beyond what was promised.

Course Member

I really value this course and have seen reduction in symptoms since starting. Also I am feeling more hopeful now about reclaiming my health fully after all I’m learning here.

Course Member

Learning actual ways to define and moniter stress has really helped me! I like how each week there is homework, and I love the downloadable notes and materials. You are an excellent teacher, Kim!

Course Member

I have found the weekly classes this month have helped immensely in finding out about how my body can look after me, by knowing more about it's language and the way it lets me know, by sending symptoms, and I now know that if I am not okay or happy about anything, there is an underlying emotion to process, before I can feel relief!

Course Member

I’ve been in your weekly group health coaching for five weeks and really loving the program !

Course Member

I’m so glad to recommend your courses! After being over half way through the de-stress program and weekly TKM Lifestyle Medicine health coaching, I have plenty of tangible results to share!! I’m continually amazed with the value I get from your courses and the quality of content you deliver, too. Thanks again for continuing to add on new courses the health coaching!!

Course Member