$250.00 NZD

Kiwi Health Detective Session

A one hour 'Kiwi Health Detective' session to explore the 'meta-physical' root cause of your symptoms.

The 'Kiwi Health Detective' session is designed to help you discover and understand the cause of a specific symptom, or set of symptoms, which may have come on suddenly 'overnight' or over a period of time, which you have not been able to find a solution or cure for.

Examples of symptoms could be:

  • A specific pain in a particular part of your body, eg, sore neck, leg, arm, hand, shoulder, knee, eye...
  • A sore joint or muscle strain
  • Excema or asthma
  • Other seemingly inexplicable and curious symptoms


The Kiwi Health Dective session is not the most appropriate option for complex, long-term health conditions or syndromes such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), ME, fybromalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and more, which are more complex health conditions requiring a full root cause analysis to ascertain the root causes. 

Due to its very comprehensive nature, and skill required to conduct, a full root cause analysis is a higher price-point than a Kiwi Health Detective session, and by application only, to ensure it is the right step for you. Please apply for a full root cause analysis at: https://www.kimknighthealth.com/tkm-breakthrough-experience/ 

If in doubt as to which option to choose, you can always fill in the application form for the root cause analysis, and you will be advised which is the most appropriate option for you.