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The Cost of Illness (and Value of Health)

The True Cost of Illness and Real Value of Health

Do you know what it is costing you to stay sick?

Do you know, from where you are standing now on the timeline of your life, the future ramifications of staying where you are?

I didn't.... until many years later.

For example, little did I know I would lose my mortgage-free home and all my life savings, leading to extreme financial hardship later down the track.

This program will show you the true ramifications of staying sick...financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, career-wise, family-wise, children.... everything.


You don't have to experience this.

If I had known years ago, on the start of my journey back to health, what I know now - I could have saved myself my house and life savings... I could have been financially free now... I could have had children... and a lot more. 

I don't want you to experience what I went through. I want you to be back to health quickly and easily. It's possible with the right information.

Watch this program and then decide, do you want to put off getting well or do you want to get well now? 

Find out the true cost of illness and real value of health.

Total run time: 5 hours (approx 3 hours of teaching, plus 2 hours of client testimonials).

What People Are Saying:

I wish we'd been taught this in medical school.


All videos/ audios were most welcomed and wonderfully explained. I really enjoyed Part 1 video which I found highly interesting and informative with clear descriptions, some excellent graphics and overall very welcomed. Although very new to this information, I relate well to your healing model, practicality and discourse. I have been cursed with symptom treatment for other 20 years. I will be exploring this website further in the weeks ahead and will undoubtedly be in touch.

Thank you so much Kim for this latest information, which has given me so much more clarity on what you have been conveying. I'm realizing that I am capable of looking after myself with these tools. I'm noticing how far I have progressed. Your help has lifted me so much.