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5 Levels of Consciousness, Healthcare and You

How your healthcare choices are a direct reflection of your beliefs and self-awareness. 

Many people are unaware that their choice of healthcare is directly connected with their level of consciousness. 

This program will show you:

  • How your unconscious beliefs affect which healthcare options you know about or hear of
  • How childhood, environmental and educational influences unconsciously program our mind and beliefs around healthcare 
  • How there may be many more healing options available to you than what you are currently aware of, which once your consciousness shifts, immediately and almost miraculously become available to you
  • How as your consciousness expands, your choice of healthcare changes to reflect this new awareness
  • How by expanding your repertoire of healthcare options you give yourself improved possibilities for taking care of your health
  • and much more


  • Detailed video lessons
  • Downloadable mp3 audio files
  • Downloadable pdf handouts
  • 24/7 access 365 days a year

What People Are Saying:

I wish we'd been taught this in medical school.


All videos/ audios were most welcomed and wonderfully explained. I really enjoyed Part 1 video which I found highly interesting and informative with clear descriptions, some excellent graphics and overall very welcomed. Although very new to this information, I relate well to your healing model, practicality and discourse. I have been cursed with symptom treatment for other 20 years. I will be exploring this website further in the weeks ahead and will undoubtedly be in touch.

Thank you so much Kim for this latest information, which has given me so much more clarity on what you have been conveying. I'm realizing that I am capable of looking after myself with these tools. I'm noticing how far I have progressed. Your help has lifted me so much.